Diego Costa: “If Chelsea don’t want me I will choose the best option for me”.

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The stay of Diego Costa with Chelsea next season has been clouded by controversies and the striker has come out to insist that he sees no point or benefit in fighting for a future at Chelsea if the Club doesn’t want him, adding that he has many other options with a return to Atletico Madrid inclusive.

According to reports that emerged last week, Diego Costa claimed that Antonio Conte informed him of his exclusion from his plans with Chelsea next season via a text message. This comes at the back of a season where Diego Costa scored 26 goals in 46 games for the Premier League Champions amid rumors on his insistence to leave for China during the course of the season.

Diego Costa has now ruled out a move to the Far East as it may jeopardize his World Cup chances with the Spanish national team but also claimed that staying at Chelsea till 2019 will be a waste of his time. He scored in Spain’s 2:1 World Cup qualifying win over Macedonia and had these to say in an interview with the Spanish media.

“Things don’t work like that. The fight for a place has to be fair.
“When there is a fair fight you stay and fight but if there isn’t then you have to go.”

Chelsea have been linked with a move for Everton’s star striker Romelu Lukaku, who was also a Chelsea player before making a permanent move to the Toffees, and Diego Costa has accepted the fact that Conte may not need him as he intends to bring in another first choice striker. He went ahead to suggest that things could have been handled differently.

Costa said: “You need to ask Conte what has happened, he’s the coach and if he has the option of signing someone else and doesn’t want to have problems with a senior player then that’s normal.

“But there are ways of saying things, ways of doing things.

“Thanks to God I’m not lacking teams [to join]. If Chelsea don’t want me I will choose the best option for me.”

Reports suggest that Atletico Madrid is one of the likely options for Diego Costa if he leaves Chelsea as the club still remains close to Diego Costa’s heart. However, Atletico Madrid can still buy players but will not be able to register or feature them on the pitch till January after losing an appeal against a FIFA-imposed sanction.

He added: “I have a contract with Chelsea for two years. If they decide to sell me I will search for the best choice of team for me.

“Atletico are among those teams. Signing for Atletico wouldn’t mean not playing, I could go [on loan] to some team in Spain, in Italy, in Brazil…wherever I can continue playing.

“Everyone knows that Atletico is a club that I have a lot of love for. Regardless of if I return or not, I’m always going to continue loving them.

“Now we have to wait to see how things turn out.”

A move to China for Diego Costa is least likely to happen as he ruled out a move to the far east. The Chelsea striker added:

“I rule out China, I have to think about my future. I have to think about the World Cup. If I fight and I do things well I’ll have every chance of going to the World Cup. I cannot go to China.”

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