A second Premier League lockdown could be on the cards

Pep Guardiola has questioned whether the Premier League should continue if a second national lockdown is initiated.

This is coming after UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, on Saturday, announced restrictions with all non-essential services to be on lock and key from Thursday for a period of four weeks.

Regardless, elite sports have been exempted and will continue as normal although fans will not be allowed to attend games.

It can be recalled that the Premier League paused a period of last season when the country went into the first lockdown. They came back to action after a fully operational testing system was put in place.

Guardiola has now questioned if it’s right for football clubs to carry on playing this time. In a chat ahead of Johnson’s speech, the Manchester City boss said:

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“It’s difficult. I know the prime minister is taking the decision because the situation is getting worse. It happened in Spain, Germany and France. Everywhere.

“So the virus is still there. Maybe people say it is stronger. I think the world of football cannot be an exception in what is happening in society.

“So if we have to play, we will play. But we don’t want to be different from the rest of society when they have to close restaurants or close whatever.

Meanwhile, football without fans in the stands has not been the same and has affected the performance of both home and away teams. Speaking further, he continued:

“It’s a position in which I am not involved. I want to be safe. I want to keep well for myself, for my family, my friends, for all England, all of the UK. But honestly I don’t know.”

Finally, Guardiola advised the public to take the second wave of COVID-19 seriously and adhere to instructions from the government to stay indoors.

“It’s not a joke. It’s serious,” he added. “If he says stay at home, you have to stay at home. If he says don’t do this, we don’t do it.

“Because it’s not fair for half of the population doing what we have to do and the prime minister says this, and the rest of the people do whatever they want.

“So we have to be conscious – the reality is tough, it’s difficult. If we have to stop, we are going to stop.

“If we have to play, because they decide it’s good for society or for I don’t know, just be alert, be careful, take maximum consciousness of the dangers of the situation in which we are living.”