Benatia hits back at Italian comedian: “d***head, I wait for you in Vinovo”

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Juventus defender Mehdi Benatia has lashed out at Maurizio Grozza, an Italian comedian through a harsh social media message after the comedian threw criticisms at him for his comments after the Real Madrid vs Juventus second leg UCL quarter-final encounter.

benatia and grozza

Benatia described the penalty that was awarded to Real Madrid in the dying minutes of the game as a rape, and this was met with strong criticisms from Grozza.

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“Maybe Benatia doesn’t know what a rape is about. Neither I know, but if he wants to know how it feels, he can take a ‘fallo’ (a word which means foul but is also the vulgar translation for penis) and put it in his ass”.

However, Benatia replied the comedian through social media saying: “I am in Vinovo every day, I am waiting for you! Idiot and d*** head. You make nobody laugh, you take it where you like it.” The Morocco International responded with a post that carried the picture of the Italian comedian as well.


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