Best Football Betting Exchange Sites for Beginners


The advent of wagering exchange or wagering merchandise expunges the roles of bookmakers. It allows bettors to formulate their markets and odds. By this, we mean punters can wager for or against an outcome. In this case, gamesters can boost their winning chances. It is a paradigm shift from the system of wagering only for an outcome.

In any case, wagering merchandise is user-centric. It is a concept where merchants can decide their wagers and act as sportsbooks. This means they have the luxury to market odds to others with room for negotiation. In essence, gamesters can devise odds and wager against each other. Sometimes, users who engage in punting merchandise are called “merchants.”

In sports wagering, bookies usually expunge successful punters. In addition, there are circumstances where bettors have been removed from the wagering site due to frequent wagering on multiple outcomes. However, in punting merchandise, there are minimal restrictions. In any case, bettors can wager on any outcome without getting expelled from the platform.

There are a few bookies that offer to trade football wagers. However, it’d be best not to throw your caution to the wind. It is because there are only a few excellent football wagering exchange sites. To this end, we’ve compiled a catalog of the top-rated football wagering exchange platforms.


It is one of the top-rated virtual football wagering exchange platforms for beginners. The website has an amazing and user-friendly interface.

The best part is that it is well-optimized for mobile phone users. In any case, the platform has excellent mobile software supported by several smartphone models.

Ladbrokes offers mouth-watering bonuses such as sign-up, no-deposit, free bet, and booster bonuses. This way, beginners develop a healthy drive to create effective strategies to reduce losses and win their bets.

A reputable brand manages the platform. So your money and personal details are in safe hands.

Upsides & Downsides of Ladbrokes

✓User-friendly mobile app.

✓Allows access to real-time events.

✓Covers several wagering lines.

×Delays in withdrawals.

×Country restrictions.


Betfair is a prominent title in the world of football wagering exchange. It took root in 2000. Since then, it has managed to develop a powerful client base.

Like Ladbrokes, the platform is user-centric. The implication is that every category of user, especially a newbie, will assimilate the interface quickly.

The platform offers matched wagering and real-time wagering options. All these incentives provide an enabling environment for winning.

Although they receive a five percent commission on every win, loyal clients still stick to them. Regardless, the commission should be cut back to two percent for beginners.

Upsides & Downsides

✓Real-time option available for streaming events.

✓Over 33 sports, including football, are available.

✓Over 500 markets on important events.

✓Hitch-free banking options.

✓Mobile software for Android and iOS.

×Does do not accept cryptocurrencies.


Like Betfair and Ladbrokes, Smarket is a sensation in the wagering merchandise world. It is because the platform is also user-centric. In addition, the platform gives excellent offers that make you savor more.

If you are a minimalist, then the Smarket is made for you. The platform uses simple dark-themed graphics that give a sense of calmness and thrill.

Smarket also has mobile software supported by Android and iOS. In addition, it receives a two percent commission on every winning, which is a fantastic offer. Finally, you can sometimes receive a one percent rebate if you place massive wagers.

The good news is that the site allows you to administer prices in a flexible market. This is especially helpful when it comes to in-play games.

Upsides & Downsides

✓Several payment methods are available.

✓Large game library.

✓Generous commission charge of 2%

×Only a few languages are available.


The good news is that this platform allows its new users to enjoy a 0% commission for thirty days. But you will need to register first.

For more details on the best football betting exchange sites for beginners, you should visit the following website:

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Wagering exchange platforms allow punters to place laying and backing wagers. We have provided the top-rated football wagering exchange sites and their pros and cons. So take the chances to set your odds and boost your winning chances.