How Bet9ja and betting are redefining the passion for football

It’s no surprise that the love for football seems to be wired in the average Nigerian, hence the profound interest in the sport.

However, a new dimension has been added to how fans offer support in the game, and this has resulted in the derivation of entertainment from both sides of the coin, whether win or lose, and that’s football betting.

Meanwhile, one sports betting company seems to be the rave of the moment amongst Nigerians and it’s Bet9ja.


Bet9ja has become the rave of the moment among Nigerians who are interested in betting money on the outcome of football matches.

It has also provided a platform for Nigerians to see games without paying cash, a welcome development for fans as they now get to avoid the hassles of their ‘beloved’ football viewing center operators. The majority of football betting outlets across Nigeria could easily pass for state-of-the-art viewing centers.

There are many football betting companies in Nigeria but one seems to be garnering the majority of the attention. You’ll hardly pass by any major street, without seeing a Betj9a outlet situated on the street, and this is a fact that has been established in almost all the 36 states of the country.

The sports betting platform has come to stay, has a wide reach, and is still garnering a massive gathering.


Asides from being the people’s choice when it comes to staking on football matches, and this is obvious, Bet9ja has also gone miles better by offering attractive odds, booking codes, and betting options to their millions of customers across the country.

Football betting has become a source of income for some Nigerians, and regardless of its advantages and disadvantages, it’s a business that has enlightened individuals on the facts surrounding the game, football clubs, football nations, personalities on the pitch, as well as the managers in the dugouts.

Nowadays, supposed laymen can proffer explanations and salient analysis of the game, as well as be abreast of current happenings in the sport.

However, Bet9ja, through football betting appears to have redefined the passion that fans have for their clubs, or as some would argue, has done a number on the passion that fans usually project on match days.

Back in the day, when your team lost, you would be disappointed, but nowadays, people pray and bet on the teams they support to lose so that they can smile to the bank because the supposed minnows are always allotted big and attractive odds.

You may ask some Nigerians that placed bets on Zambia to beat Nigeria in Uyo and qualify for the Russia 2018 World Cup.


Fans normally would be disappointed and perplexed when the big teams they support fail to win games or go on losing streaks. Imagine clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Man United, Chelsea, and the likes performing poorly.

However, with the rise of football betting, you’ll find some of their fans placing bets against these teams they supposedly support and win big from their misfortunes.

Well, a case could be made for them, After all, the players on the pitch earn their weekly wages, even after putting up poor and lackadaisical performances to sadden their fans and give the opposition fans the bragging rights as well as the right to troll. Fans suppose wack too na!

It can be recalled that Chelsea played a struggling Crystal Palace sometime ago, and it was not unthinkable that some punters visited Bet9ja outlets and staked on a Palace win or draw considering the huge odds given to them. Some Chelsea fans weren’t excluded either.

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Crystal Palace had proven to be a hard nut for Chelsea to crack. If Chelsea had won, it would have been good news for the club and the fans. However, they lost after putting up a poor performance.

It’s a fact that a lot of folks smiled to the bank after that result with a good number of Chelsea fans inclusive. Funny enough, even fans of rival clubs were left with sour tastes in their mouths after Chelsea’s defeat.

Why? Because they also placed bets on Chelsea to emerge victorious on the day. Weren’t they supposed to be against Chelsea no matter what? Well, I introduce to you, football betting

Bet9ja is one of the established and most popular betting companies that have promoted football betting in Nigeria, and the prospect of winning money at the expense of your team losing has reduced football fan violence significantly across football viewing centers in Nigeria.

I daresay that Betj9a is the most popular and most patronized sports betting company in Nigeria and I wouldn’t be wrong.

This is based on how millions jostle for the chance to stake and win across their betting outlets cum viewing centers, sometimes to the advantage of the clubs they support, and sometimes at the expense of their clubs.

It can be recalled that the owner of Bet9ja also has a football team that played in the NPFL and got relegated in the same season.

Talking of passion, it’s a fact that NPFL sides are difficult to beat at home, and would rarely be staked against, to lose at home.

Yet, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Remo Stars, owned by Bet9ja’s Kunle Soname were on the receiving end of the AWAY WIN betting option from their fans in favor of the decent and half-decent sides that played and beat them at home.

Well, there are two sides to the coin. Stake against your team on Bet9ja, if they win, you derive happiness as you are a fan. This also depends on the amount of money staked too.

However, If they lose, you smile to the bank. Which of the two options works for you? Passion or Money? I know the option I would go for in this economy. After all, no be my papa get Arsenal, or Chelsea, or Liverpool and the others. LOL.

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