Betting 2% or less of your bankroll – Yes or No

Let’s find the perfect strategy for betting! That’s what many people say when they start looking online for a solution to the question – how to win more money by gambling? The truth is simple: there is no such thing as a perfect strategy.

However, what we can offer you here are some verified betting strategies that could help you win more. All of the different betting strategies have their pros and cons. Today we will throw more light on the theory of why you must always bet no more than 2% of your current bankroll.


What’s the most significant benefit of you betting no more than 2% of your bankroll? It’s quite simple, actually – it’s keeping you in the game because you can hardly go bankrupt that quick.

This strategy would be useful to any game you pick, but the biggest benefit you can see is with skill-based games like DFS, poker, and sports betting. Why is that? Because skill-based games are prone to more streakiness in comparison to the house-banked games.

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That’s why it’s much more probable to find yourself in some kind of a never-ending dry streak. How can you get through it? Risk a lesser amount of your bankroll, so you can have enough money to escape any bad situation.


Here’s what every experienced gambler will tell you about the cons of this strategy: Most of people simply do not have enough bankroll to wager just 2% or less. Just do the math – you must have a bankroll of $1000 to make a simple $20 bet.

That’s is why some gamblers consider this 2% strategy being suited mainly for the professional players with bigger bankrolls. If you’re a casual gambler, then maybe you’d face some problems with building your bets using this strategy.

Another thing you’d often hear is that the 2% strategy is a little bit boring, not offering the action we all crave for. Many players love the big wagers, so they’d hardly agree to put just 2% of their bankroll on the table.

In conclusion, we can say that the 2% strategy is an excellent way to keep yourself from losing all of your money, but it depends on what you prefer to do when gambling. What we can advise you is to stick with us and our verified betting strategies. Good luck!