Brazilian Gov’t seize Ronaldinho’s passport over debt


Reports suggest that Brazilian authorities have seized the passport of former Barcelona star and Brazil international Ronaldinho due to an outstanding debt of 8.5 million Brazilian reals, approximately €2.02 million which he owes the state.

ESPN Brazil have revealed that the court in Rio Grande de Sul confiscated both his passport and that of his brother Roberto Assis. The issue arose due to a fishing platform that was erected on the banks of the Guaiaba River.

According to the report, the platform was erected in an area which is protected, thus making it illegal. It can be recalled that the Brazilian footballer called it quits on his footballing career this year.

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He ended his career in Brazil after playing for the likes of Paris Saint-Germain, Barcelona and Milan. However, he continued to work as an ambassador for football as well as Barcelona.

It can be recalled that his links with Barcelona have been questioned in past months due to his public support of controversial Brazilian president-elect Jair Bolsonaro.

Albert Masnou and Joaquim Piera of Sport revealed that the Catalans frown on his political views and have distanced themselves from the footballer because of this.

However, the Catalan outfit have not decided whether to cancel their partnership with the ex-footballer.

Ronaldinho was scheduled for a visit to Kenya in November according to ktn. Meanwhile, according to Reuters, Ronaldinho has been a dual citizen since 2007, after he was handed a Spanish passport.


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