Bristol City Football Club Players Wages And Salaries (2024)

This post lists Bristol City player’s wages, and salaries for the 2023/2024 season, Including the top 5 highest earners In the team.

For the entire 2023-2024 season, Bristol City is paying out £12,894,000 in salaries to its players which is approximately £247,962  per week.

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Let’s dive right In.

Bristol City Football Club Players Salaries In 2024

Matty James£ 27,500£ 1,430,000
Nahki Wells£ 27,000£ 2,808,000
Andreas Weimann£ 22,500£ 1,170,000
Kal Naismith£ 15,000£ 1,560,000
Harry Cornick£ 15,000£ 2,340,000
Jason Knight£ 15,000£ 3,120,000
Rob Atkinson£ 15,000£ 2,340,000
Cameron Pring£ 15,000£ 2,340,000
Joe Williams£ 11,538£ 600,000
Zak Vyner£ 10,000£ 1,560,000
Rob Dickie£ 10,000£ 1,560,000
Mark Sykes£ 9,808£ 1,020,000
Anis Mehmeti£ 9,000£ 1,404,000
George Tanner£ 8,000£ 1,248,000
Andy King£ 7,500£ 390,000
Stefan Bajic£ 6,731£ 700,000
Ayman Benarous£ 5,769£ 600,000
Ross McCrorie£ 5,000£ 780,000
Tommy Conway£ 2,500£ 260,000
Max O'Leary£ 1,923£ 300,000
Sam Bell£ 1,923£ 200,000
Haydon Roberts£ 1,500£ 234,000
Omar Taylor-Clarke£ 1,500£ 78,000
Taylor Gardner-Hickman£ 1,154£ 60,000

Top 5 Highest Paid Bristol City Players

1. Matty James

Matty James has been one of the best midfielders In the EFL, and he has been a vital part of Bristol City’s squad. While his regular position is in the midfield, he can seamlessly transition to defense when the team needs it.

Matty, however, took a bypass during his career, going on loan at Preston North End before making a permanent move to Leicester City in 2012.

On June 23, 2021, Matty James signed with Championship club Bristol City on a three-year contract. Currently, he has one year remaining on his contract, which comes with a gross salary of £1,430,000.

That’s a staggering £27,500 he earns every week, and this doesn’t even include any additional bonuses. At 32 years old, Matty James is showing that age is just a number when it comes to commanding a significant salary.

His contributions to Bristol City have not gone unnoticed, and he’s certainly a key figure when it comes to the club’s payroll.

2. Nahki Wells

Nahki Wells, the goal-scoring sensation joined the club on January 30, 2020, from Burnley in a bizarre deal. And he has been one of the standout players ever since he arrived.

In February 2020, he snagged the EFL Championship Player of the Month award for his stellar displays with Queens Park Rangers.

Wells is now rocking a contract with Bristol City that runs until June 30, 2025, with £2,808,000 in salary. And this season, the 33-year-old striker will pocket a base salary of £1,404,000 and a weekly wage of £27,000.

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3. Weimann

In 2018, Weimann signed with Bristol City, embarking on a three-year contract with the option for an additional year, all under wraps for an undisclosed fee.

And, In 2019, Weimann made history In the EFL, scoring his first career hat-trick against Sheffield United, a feat that hadn’t been achieved by a Bristol City player away from home in nearly four decades.

However, his career hit a snag in 2020 when he suffered a major injury that sidelined him for up to nine months. Yet, he bounced back remarkably, notching an impressive 22 league goals in the 2021-2022 season, marking his best-ever goal tally for a single season.

However, Andreas Weimann, aged 32, is set to earn a base salary of £1,170,000, equivalent to £22,500 per week, excluding bonuses this season.

With just one year left on his Bristol (Championship) contract expiring on June 30, 2024, Weimann remains a key figure in the team’s quest for success.

4. Kal Naismith

Kal Naismith, the 31-year-old Center-Back has been a fantastic signing for Bristol City. On 27 May 2022, Naismith joined Bristol City on a three-year deal, and his journey with the Championship side began with a free transfer.

His impact was felt early on when he scored his first goal for the club during an EFL Cup victory against Coventry City on 10 August 2022.

As of this season, Naismith has two years remaining on his contract with Bristol City, set to expire on June 30, 2025. And he will rake £780,000 for this season, which is £15,000 per week.

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5. Harry Cornick

This 28-year-old English footballer can dazzle as a right winger or center-forward, having joined the EFL Championship on January 31, 2023.

He signed a three-and-a-half-year contract, and now, he’s one of the top earners on the team. Currently, Cornick boasts a hefty salary of £780,000 which is equal to £15,000 per week.

That’s a sum most of us can only dream of making in a year, and he’s making it weekly. However, he’s got more good years ahead with Bristol City, with three years left on his contract, and over that period, he’s set to pocket a substantial £2,340,000.