Buffon – Others would’ve left Juve if not for Ronaldo

gianluigi buffon

Gianluigi Buffon has revealed that he was stressed out at the end of his Juventus career and claims that other players would have called it quits at the club if Cristiano Ronaldo hadn’s arrived.

Buffon left Juventus in the summer for PSG on a free transfer after a 17-year career with the Serie A giants. He also added that some incidents, most notably, the lashing out against referee Michael Oliver affected him.

In a chat with Tiki Taka, Buffon said: “I think, speaking in a friendly way with the President after such a long and stressful period because being a Juventus player and captain weighs on you a little, even if it’s an honour, the time had come for us to go our separate ways.”

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“I considered retiring or carrying on playing if an incredible offer from a top club came my way. If it had come from an exotic League, I wouldn’t have considered it.

“The offer from PSG arrived in May, and it made me consider the option of playing for another year or two.

“It was an unnatural choice but one I thought about a lot. We left each other on sweet terms, that’s what I wanted and I think everyone else did too.”

“I won seven Scudetti in a row and even if you’re stronger, you never take winning for granted. It involves so much nervous fatigue.”

“For me it was time to say ‘enough’. Juve probably felt others could’ve left and that the only way to reawaken everyone was buying Cristiano.”

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