Bundesliga Live Betting Tips

With the German Bundesliga being among the few soccer leagues still active in the world, punters are starting to take note of what it can offer in terms of betting opportunities.

However, pre-match bets aren’t always ideal for the cautious punter, especially at such unpredictable times. That’s why Betway ensures that their punters can bet live on Bundesliga matches as they’re played.

Whilst betting on live matches can give you an edge over the bookie, it doesn’t mean that you’ll always win every bet. However, you can use these tips to increase your chances of winning when betting on live Bundesliga matches this weekend.

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Bundesliga Live Soccer Betting Tips

Whether you’re betting on the Premier League or the Bundesliga, live soccer betting is essentially the same.

As such, there are different in-play betting strategies that you can try to remain successful, but you must know what you’re doing. For one reason or the other, some strategies may not work, but it’s a good thing we’ve researched what works best.

  • Back Favorites That Concede Goals Early

The idea behind this simple strategy involves looking for games where there is a clear favorite before the match begins and watch the game to see what happens during the early stages.

If the underdog takes an early lead, then you should seriously consider backing the favorite to win. Based on this setback, the bookie will adjust the odds upwards, giving you more cash if you win.

When you use this strategy to bet on Bundesliga football live on Betway, you’ll note that the bookmaker often overcompensates when adjusting the odds in such a case.

In German, teams like Augsburg, Wender Bremen, and Fortuna Dusseldorf are known to score early even when playing against top teams like Bayern Munich and Wolfsburg.

However, that doesn’t mean that they win the games after opening to an early lead since one goal isn’t hard to come back from.

  • Only Bet If The Odds Are Higher Than Expected

The key to using the strategy above is to be able to enjoy solid odds, even when there’s an outright favorite in a game. To know when to use this strategy, you’ll need to know how to decide whether the bookie has appropriately adjusted the odds or not.

If you think the bookie has overcompensated on the odds, then that’s the right moment to place your wager.

  • Watch The Games

The main advantage of betting on a game as it continues is that you’ve got more information to work with.

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Fortunately, Bundesliga matches are aired live on BT Sport in the UK every weekend, and you can also watch the matches live on the internet. That ensures that you don’t miss any detail that may be crucial to your bets.

  • Use Previous Data

While studying previous data may not seem relevant, considering that Bundesliga has been on a break for about two months, it might increase your chances of success.

Studying data from previous Bundesliga matches will help you to identify trends and patterns that may be worth exploring. These trends might only apply to specific teams.