Canadian Premier League stadiums in 2022 rated from biggest to smallest

It’s no more news that soccer has come to stay in Canada and that the Canadian Premier League, CanPL, can only go from strength to strength.

The Canadian Premier League can be described as one of the fastest-growing leagues in North America with some beautiful soccer stadiums that can accommodate fans of the game for live matches. The question on the status of soccer stadiums in Canada is answered here with regards to regular use and capacity.

It’s a relatively new league and soccer is not as popular in Canada as it is in other countries in North America, South America, and Europe. Therefore, it is understandable if soccer stadiums in Canada pale in comparison to soccer stadiums in some of the soccer-elite countries in the world.

Regardless, questions persist as the game of soccer is growing in Canada. What is the biggest stadium in the CanPL? What is the smallest stadium in the CanPL? There are questions whose answers should be readily available for fans of club soccer in Canada.

Therefore, find below a list of the soccer stadiums in Canada, as well as the notable CanPL stadiums ranked from the one with the largest capacity to the one with the smallest capacity.

1. IG Field

The IG Field is the biggest soccer stadium in the CanPL. It is home to Valour FC, located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and boasts a capacity of 33,234. The first action of Canadian Premier League soccer on this turf was in 2019 although it was launched in 2013. The stadium is partially covered and contains a corrugated metal roof, 52 suites, a restaurant, a walk of fame alongside other amenities.

2. TD Place Stadium

The TD Place Stadium in the Canadian Premier League has a capacity of 24,000 and was launched in 1908 although the first action of the CanPL took place on the turf in 2020. It is the home ground of Atletico Ottawa and is located in Ottawa, Ontario. It should be known that the stadium has hosted FIFA tournaments, 7 Grey Cups, and some summer Olympic games.

3. Tim Hortons Field

This is the home of Forge FC in the CanPL and has a capacity of 23,218 and is located in Hamilton, Ontario. It has artificial turf and was launched in 2014 although its first Canadian Premier League acton took place in 2019. It is also the home of Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the Canadian Football League.

4. Wanderers Grounds

Wanderers Grounds is the home of HFX Wanderers in the CanPL and is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It boasts a capacity of 6.200, was launched in 2018, and had its first taste of CanPL action in 2019. It has also played hosts to other sports like Rugby, Cricket, Baseball, amongst others.

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5. Starlight Stadium

The Starlight Stadium is located in Langford, British Columbia, and has a capacity of 7,500. It plays host to home games of Pacific FC, was launched in 2009, and had the first taste of Canadian Premier League action in 2019. It was formerly known as Westhills Stadium

6. ATCO Field

This CanPL stadium is located in Foothills County, Alberta, and is the home turf for Cavalry FC. The stadium was opened in 1976 and was first used for action in the CanPL in 2019. It has a capacity of 6,000.

7. Clarke Stadium

The Clarke Stadium is the home turf of Edmonton FC and is located in Edmonton, Alberta. It has a capacity of 5,100 and was opened in 1938. However, the first taste of Canadian Premier League action in this stadium was in 2019.

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8. York Lions Stadium

The York Lions Stadium is the smallest in the Canadian Premier League with regards to capacity as it has just 4,000. It is the home turf of York United FC and is located in Toronto, Ontario. The stadium has its first taste of CanPL action in 2019 although it was launched in 2015.

The aforementioned stadiums are the functional ones in the CanPL for the 2021/22 season as well as in 2022. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for soccer stadiums in Canada, especially for those being used for action in the Canadian Premier League.