Carragher – Rashford should leave Man United for Everton

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Former Liverpool star Jamie Carragher has stated that Marcus Rashford needs to play consistently and will be better off at Everton where he’ll be given the chance.

Marcus Rashford has scored 5 goals for England in 27 games whilst thriving as a Center Forward in the Three Lions set up.

He scored in England’s last two games against Spain and Switzerland but has been on the bench and deployed as a winger at Manchester United.

Romelu Lukaku is obviously the preferred striker at Old Trafford and Carragher has suggested that this might be the best time for the youngster to leave Old Trafford.

In a chat with Sky Sports, Carragher said: “The problem he’s got, and it’s the same for every young striker at big clubs, nothing’s harder than that position,”

“Romelu Lukaku is in front of Rashford and I don’t see Rashford displacing him as long as he is there.

“But remember when Lukaku was at Chelsea and he had to come away and go to Everton. Then he ended up as top scorer and got his move to Man United.

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“Possibly Everton is the sort of club you are looking at, just below the top six, for someone like Rashford, similar to what Lukaku did.

“You know you are going to play every week as the centre-forward and you know if you have a couple of games where you don’t score then you are still going to play the next week.

“Last season after they played Brighton away, Mourinho had a little pop at him and Lukaku went straight back into the team. That’s the problem you will always have.

“Does he have to leave United? I think so. Is he good enough to displace Lukaku? Is Rashford good enough to be Manchester United’s centre-forward for them trying to win the Premier League or the Champions League? He may not be.

“It gets to the stage where you want to play every week. Will he be an England regular or be Manchester United’s real centre-forward where you know, when the team is picked every week, that he is in it. Will it ever get to that stage?

“In that position you have got to be world class. Rashford is not world class yet, but he might be at 23 or 24, as Lukaku has done. He looks like one of the best strikers in the world.

“Rashford may have to move away to come back to one of the top teams.”

Rashford has started 1 game for Man United this season but Carragher believes that he should be preferred ahead of Raheem Sterling for England.

“I felt at the World Cup, Sterling was virtually playing as a centre-forward,” he said.

“My feeling at the time was you might as well play a centre-forward there. We have seen that Rashford is going to score more goals and is going to be a bigger goal threat – and this team doesn’t score a lot of goals.

“It scores a lot of goals from set pieces and I don’t know how long that can continue. Without Harry Kane, when you see the squad, there’s not many goals there at all. Rashford gives you goals.”


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