Chicago Fire FC 2023 Player Wages And Salaries

Chicago Fire FC is a Major League Soccer Club that plays in the Eastern Conference of the league division. It is an American professional soccer club that is based in Chicago. We will be taking a look at Chicago Fire FC player salaries in 2023 in this article.

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We will also consider the highest paid player at the club as well as the club’s total wage bill in 2023

Chicago Fire FC 2023 Player Salaries

Xherdan Shaqiri$186,320$9,688,640
Gastón Giménez$31,510$1,638,520
Gabriel Słonina$28,770$1,496,040
Rafael Czichos$27,400$1,424,800
Kacper Przybyłko$27,400$1,424,800
Boris Sekulić$19,180$997,360
Jairo Torres$17,810$926,120
Chris Mueller$16,440$854,880
Jonathan Bornstein$8,357$434,564
Stanislav Ivanov$7,672$398,944
Federico Navarro$7,261$377,572
Fabian Herbers$7,261$377,572
Jhon Espinoza$6,987$363,324
Carlos Teran$6,028$313,456
Mauricio Pineda$5,343$277,836
Miguel Ángel Navarro$5,343$277,836
Jhon Durán$4,247$220,844
Brian Gutiérrez$3,425$178,100
Andre Reynolds$3,425$178,100
Wyatt Omsberg$3,288$170,976
Alex Monis$2,466$128,232
Spencer Richey$2,192$113,984
Victor Bezerra$2,055$106,860
Chris Brady$1,918$99,736
Javier Casas$1,507$78,364
Kendall Burks$1,370$71,240
Missael Rodriguez$1,233$64,116
Sergio Oregel$822$42,744

Highest Paid Chicago Fire FC Player In 2023

The highest-paid player at Chicago Fire FC in 2023 is Xherdan Shaqiri with a weekly wage of $186,320 and a yearly salary of $9,688,640.

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Chicago Fire FC 2023 Wage Bill

The club’s wage bill in 2023 is $437,030 per week and $22,725,560 per year.

The information will be updated as changes are made in the squad and in salaries.