Chiellini – You are dead when you finish training with Conte


Giorgio Chiellini has claimed that Antonio Conte used to leave his players dead after training sessions while at Juventus. Conte has come under fire recently at Chelsea after his side received back to back pummeling in the Premier League

However, the Italian manager had a very take over the successful spell with Juventus, winning the Serie A title three times which made him the favorite to manage the Italian national team before moving to Chelsea

Chiellini who has remained influential in the Juventus team revealed the hectic and competitive atmosphere that was present in Juventus’ locker room with his supposedly regressive training methods.

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He further stated that Conte acts like a police sergeant when he trains his players.

“It is not only in the match with Conte. It is all day, every training session. He is like a police sergeant,” he was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail. He further outlined the special atmosphere that was felt in the course of Conte’s training sessions.

“We felt something very special in his atmosphere, for three years with him at Juventus and two years in the national team,”

He revealed that players were only able to complete his training if they trusted in him.

“When you finish training, you are dead. Not tired – dead. You can do it only because you believe in what he does,”

Chiellini also went on to reminisce about the time spent in France with Conte and the Italian national team during the Euros.

“We had 40 days in France and it was like entering another world. You are 100 per cent with him,” Giorgio Chiellini said. “He creates an atmosphere, everyone gives energy to each other. For sure he is one of the very best,” he added.


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