City to unveil Silva and Kompany statues ahead of Arsenal game

Premier League defending champions Manchester City will install the sculptures of Vincent Kompany and David Silva outside the Etihad Stadium ahead of the league game against Arsenal this weekend, the club have disclosed.

The statue of Sergio Aguero will join them next year and this is in line with the club recognizing the three players as unparalleled contributors to their transformation.

David Silva is regarded as one of the greatest players for the club as he made 436 appearances for the Citizens.

According to the club, the statues have been made by award-winning sculptor Andy Scott although he was able to meet with just David Silva and Vincent Kompany due to the pandemic.

The club’s chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak said: “Ultimately, Vincent and David do not need statues to enshrine their achievements at Manchester City over the past decade.

“They are already revered as icons of their generation.

“But what these artworks give us, and generations to come, is the opportunity to be reminded of, and savour, the truly magical moments created by both men.”

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Meanwhile, the sculptor Scott revealed that he was absolutely thrilled to have been given the job.

“It’s an unbelievable honour to work on something that will be visited by hundreds of thousands of fans as they remember and celebrate the achievement of their footballing heroes,” he said.

“I have always been struck by how sportsmen and women move and perform, and in the case of football specifically, how they anticipate the ball, how they combine with their teammates, and sometimes simply how they stand.

“Reflecting these elements was always going to be challenging, but it was particularly so during a global pandemic as we were only able to meet with Vincent and David virtually.

“But with their insights and extensive research of film and photographic footage, I have tried to capture their unique physical characteristics and their distinctive movements in a way which I hope does justice to both of these phenomenal footballers.

“It’s been such a pleasure to work on this prestigious project and I can’t wait to finally get to meet the team in person as we set about the final installations at the Etihad Stadium this week.”