Conte left frustrated after Coppa Italia loss to Napoli

Inter Milan boss Antonio Conte has voiced his frustrations after Wednesday’s semi-final Coppa Italia 1 nil loss to Napoli at home. He made it clear that Napoli were the better side on the day and also have an impressive squad.

He also blamed his side, admitting that they have a long way to go and are just at the beginning of the journey.

“The derby took away a lot of energy, especially nervous,” he began

“I made five changes from Sunday to bring in fresh legs, but Napoli beat Juventus, Lazio and Liverpool this season, so that means they’ve got quality there.


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”I’d say that, after Juventus, Napoli have the most impressive squad in Serie A.

”Gennaro Gattuso was smart to sit back, wait and go on the counter. We had the chances and it would’ve been a fair result if we had played out a draw.

”When you’re up against defensive teams like this, you have to move the ball around faster and create spaces.


”We are at the start of this journey, so if some think we are at the same level as a side that was at the top for many years, then I say we’re a long way off and have to use these defeats to improve.”

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