Del Piero -It won’t be right to sack Allegri

del piero

Former Juve star Alessandro Del Piero has made his opinion known about the outcome of Juventus’ season, stating that it is far from a failure despite the Turin outfit’s early elimination from the UEFA Champions League.

Speaking about the season in a chat with Gazzetta dello Sport, Del Piero said:

“Disappointing season? If despite the Scudetto we think the season is disappointing, then we are out of the world. I know Juve, I know the fans, I know very well what she is he says, but it is unfair that leaving the Champions League quarter-finals radically changes the judgment. This season is more than good. The exit from the Champions League at the quarter-finals is obviously a disappointment. The biggest regret is not having shown the potential against Ajax we saw in the return with Atletico.”

He also spoke about the input of the club’s manager Massimiliano Allegri. He said: “The coaches do not have an expiration date, everything depends on the tuning with the club on programs and objectives. If there is, then it would not be right to part ways with Allegri. This year the Champions League shows that, with the same technique, the one who succeeds in expressing the potential wins the greatest intensity: our championship lacks that rhythm, this Champions League also teaches that the management of the result is becoming an excess to overcome, the one who has always played as if he were 0-0 has won, and today we have to ask ourselves what it means to play well and above all at what speed and intensity we should go to do it. In Europe I saw technical, physical and competitive performances at unimaginable levels.”

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Del Piero went further to speak about the form and contributions of some of the clubs key players, precisely Paolo Dybala, and Cristiano Ronaldo. He added:

“I think evaluating Dybala based on this season is a mistake. I don’t think the problem is cohabitation with Ronaldo, but more generally a feeling of inclusion in the dynamics of the team. And maybe his mental state and confidence will recover.”

Speaking about Ronaldo, he said: “The disappointment for how it went in the Champions League with a player like him should not call into question the value of his season. Made up of so many goals, a disruptive impact on our league and a redefinition of the international dimension of Juve.”

Neither Messi or Ronaldo winning the Champions League, is it the end of an era? “Will you tell Leo and Cristiano about it? We’ll talk about it next year …” Del Piero added.

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