Elden Ring Bastard Sword: How To Get, Uses, Guide

Elden Ring has a significant number of in-game elements and the Bastard Sword is one of them. The Bastard Sword is one of the greatsword weapons in Elden Ring that can come in handy for early to mid-game exertions. It can be described as a hulking sword with a single, uncurved blade. 

This large and hefty sword is often wielded with two hands, but individuals with considerable power can pull off wielding it with just one hand. 

Meanwhile, the blade’s sweeping strike ensures that it can be used to strike many enemies simultaneously. This allows the character wielding it to be able to fight against many enemies. 

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The blade deals 138-level damage to a target’s body and scales off of the user’s strength and dexterity. It can easily pass a fairly straightforward weapon to use and it is the ideal weapon for gamers who spend a lot of time dodging. 

How to Use Bastard Sword In Elden Ring

Can Be Used With Ashes Of War

It should be known that the weapon’s default skill is the Stamp which is also known as the Upward Cut. The weapon’s power can be enhanced when infused wth the Ashes of Power.

  • Skill FP Cost: 5(8) FP

When it is activated, it puts the user into a ready stance, and after that, the player has the option of following up with a powerful upward slash that can launch enemies aloft.

It Can Be Used With Strength And Dexterity

A combination of strength and dexterity enhances the usefulness of the blade. However, once it is upgraded, strength will contribute more to the Bastard Sword’s scaling grade than Dexterity. 

Meanwhile, if you wish this weapon to scale better with your attributes, you can enhance the scaling grade of certain stats by adjusting the weapon’s affinity with Whetblades.

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It Can Be Leveraged Early In The Game

An ideal tactic is to acquire the weapon early in the game and leverage its significant strike range and critical hits. When wielded with one hand, it employs horizontal slashes that can hurt many enemies at once in front of the player.

When it is wielded with two hands, it causes more damage and allows players to perform upward and downward vertical attacks.

Where/How To Find Bastard Sword In Elden Ring

The Bastard Sword can be bought from the Nomadic Merchant of Castle Morne Rampart on the Weeping Peninsula in South Limgrave. It can be acquired with 3,000 Runes.

Bastard Sword Stats

  • Attack Type: Standard/Pierce
  • Weight: 9
  • Attack Power: Physical 138 Critical 100
  • Attribute Scaling: Strength D Dexterity D
  • Attributes Required: Strength 16 Dexterity 10
  • Guarded Damage Negation: 50/35/35/35/35/35

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Bastard Sword Skill

  •  Stamp (Upward Cut)

This article has thrown some light on the concept of the Bastard Sword in Elden Ring, as well as its properties that gamers can leverage in their quest to come out tops. The weapon is worthwhile and has been established as one of the Great Sword Weapons in Elden Ring.