Emiliano Sala – Police resume search and rescue operation

emiliano sala

Reports suggest that Guernsey Police, on Wednesday morning resumed their search and rescue operations for the missing plane that had Cardiff City striker Emiliano Sala as one of its passengers.

The Argentine striker boarded the aircraft which vanished from radar close to the Channel Islands on Monday evening as various reports have suggested.

According to a confirmation from Guernsey Police, a number of objects were found in the water before the suspension of Tuesday’s search and rescue operations. However, they couldn’t ascertain if the objects were from the missing aircraft.

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Meanwhile, the chief officer of the Channel Island Air Search, John Fitzgerald revealed that part of the objects recovered was a bent piece of metal and a cushion.

“The [search] aircraft found various bits of debris and it guided the lifeboat and a nearby fishing boat into the area to have a look at it,” Fitzgerald told Sky Sports News.

“The notes from the search director say they found a cushion, a bright orange item beside a dull coloured box and lots of white items in the water floating alongside a piece of white metal, which was a bit bent – apparently, just looking at the notes I have just received.”

According to him, the Channel Island Air Search believe that the aircraft may have broken up after crashing in the Channel.

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