Euro 2020 Predictions and Tips to Bet on This Competition

The Euro competition is delivering an exciting show as expected. From great sportsmanship, emotional and thrilling times to explosive moments, Euro has it all. 

For punters, the competition offers a rich betting chance to pocket some profit. Bookmakers haven’t failed the punter either. From the latest bet365 welcome offers, coverage offering extensive information, to great odds and markets, punters have a lot at their disposal. 

While utilizing the FIFA rankings to establish the favorites and the underdogs come in handy, following the action is recommendable as you bet on EURO competition. 

The underdogs, at times, upset the competition, scaling beyond the group stages and hitting an impressive milestone. As such, while betting on the competition, keeping your eyes open and following the progress can’t be stressed enough.

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Euro betting markets

Outright market, covering the whole tournament, is perhaps the most complicated yet straightforward pick. The market is ideal for punters who want to follow the action but only make a single bet at the start of the competition instead of each game. 

The simplest pick is who will win the competition. The defending team, Portugal, is among the favorites. World cup winners, France, are also a favorite pick. Other nations, including England, Belgium, Spain, and Germany, are also promising picks. 

Croatia, the team that surprised many in the world cup, is also not far behind. The nation is also an indication that discounting the underdogs in the competition could come back to haunt your betting endeavors.

While the win/draw/loss market is a go-to for most bettors, it is not the only line. Spreading your wings wider and considering other markets is advisable. For instance, while wagering on competitive teams with a scoring record, the goals accumulator odds are favorable. 

Corners accumulator also offers a safer market. When wagering on teams featuring players known for their physical play, the booking point market is profitable. 

The bottom line is that, with the extensive markets, you don’t have to limit your options. From beginners to the pros, punters looking for adrenaline-pumping bets to those preferring relaxing experiences, Euro has something for everyone.

Betting strategy

While tailoring an effective strategy, following the action as it unfolds is advisable. For instance, big names like Zlatan Ibrahimovic, capable of turning games in their team’s favor, are missing in the squad.

While this puts Sweden at a disadvantageous point, he’s not the only one ruled out due to injury concerns. While picking the team to wager on, following the happenings, including injuries and recent form, is essential.

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Playgrounds are the other aspect that shouldn’t be discounted. For instance, betting on the home nations offers more favorable picks. This is especially if the team has impressive form. However, leave your emotions at the “gate,” especially if you are looking to pocket more profits, not just for the thrills. 

Don’t simply follow your instincts, bet on your favorite soccer star, or pick a team that’s chasing lost glory. Use the readily available information to make a solid pick.

You don’t have to bet on every game. As the competition progresses, you’ll have a vivid idea of the best teams to wager on and enjoy a better winning rate. 

What’s more, you need an effective bankroll management system. This is nothing that the fast-unfolding matches could see you making more bets than you can afford.