Football Manager 2020 – How to escape a losing streak and win more

Football Manager 2020 has come to stay and has been exciting football savvy folks since it was launched. Regardless, some folks search and search for that elusive win in their quest to end that losing streak and that’s why we’ve come up with this article to help out.

Meanwhile, it must be noted that a losing streak in Football Manager 2020 is not necessarily the end of the world and shouldn’t be the reason why you abandon this exciting football management simulation video game.

Realistically, football teams get complacent and can suffer that unexpected loss. This is a norm in some of Europe’s elite football leagues like the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Eredivisie, Ligue 1 amongst others.

No one saw Manchester City losing to Wolves at the Etihad in the 2019/20 season. Chelsea lost by a lone goal away to a struggling Newcastle United at St James’ Park with the last kick of the game in the same season that has been on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Let’s hold off on talking about the game of complacency here and proceed with the article.

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You could find yourself losing 2 consecutive games on FM 2020, sometimes it could be higher than that.

Even the best of us could go on a five-game losing streak and although there’s still a way back, sometimes external help like tips and hints could be needed and that’s what we’ve come up with here. Find them below:

1. Adopt a new tactic because obviously, the present one has taken a hit; You’ve been found out

Managers get found out in real-life football leagues and tournaments and the same applies in FM 2020. A team could start up the season on fire and with a very attractive style of football that opponents struggle to contain for a while.

However, after a while, their invincibility on the pitch begins to wane. The manager’s tactics are gradually being found out until it is eventually the case. Then, you see that same team struggling. 

A typical example is Antonio Conte’s 3 at the back system with Chelsea which saw them emerge victoriously in the Premier League in his first season. 

The following season, the Blues struggled immensely and the Italian was sacked. Shock Premier League champions Leicester City under Claudio Ranieri suffered the same fate after a title-winning season.

You must do well to avoid suffering the same fate on Football Manager 2020. You could alter your formation, change playing style, swap player roles. It all depends on the challenge your team is facing. It could be a lack of goals, a porous defense, amongst others.

Ultimately, do your best to shore up your tactics to counter what your opposition has to offer, albeit dependent on the quality of the opposition.

2. Avoid making squad rotation a regular habit

Normally, managers would want to give the young lads in the team a chance to prove themselves so that their skills can improve as they garner experience.

However, this shouldn’t be the norm. You must do well to get hold of your first-team regulars and they should be constant as changing the first-team will disorganize and disrupt team chemistry. 

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This will eventually end up in a barrage of poor performances and losses. This will also affect the personalities of some of the stars in your team just as it does in reality.

The best way is to consider key games in your fixture list and ensure that no major tinkering is done where a win or at least a draw is a priority. You could rest key players in games that are not major or of no consequence so that they can remain fit and not fatigued.

Making major changes to your team after a bad performance is a gamble and will mostly end in tears, it only works on rare occasions, and I daresay, depending on the quality of the opponent.

3. Maintain healthy team morale; Keep it high

How you interact with your players plays a major part in the dressing room atmosphere, as it does in reality. Communication is key and is an ideal practice for a team that is having low mentality issues. 

Here are some factors that affect team morale on Football Manager; How you interact with the media, transfer market activity, and your behavior during team meetings. It’s a no-brainer that a player who is not happy will underperform, how much more if the bulk of them are unhappy?

This is not a very easy task to accomplish as players are unique in their way. Regardless, you must pay attention to what inspires and boosts the morale of your players and keep it going, or better still, improve on it. It’s for your managerial good eventually.

4. Organize exhibition games against lesser opponents

You’ll have more opportunities to praise your players and boost their egos after a win. However, this is not possible if you are on a losing streak or way out of your depth against quality opposition regularly.

Therefore, an ideal step would be to organize friendly games against poor opposition and batter them to your taste. LOL

This could come off as a cheat but it’s an exhibition game and is inconsequential too. It’s just another avenue to allow you to heap praises on your key men and boost their morale ahead of tougher days and tougher opposition. 

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The summary is as follows:

  • Change your tactics to freshen stuff up in your team
  • Organize and play friendlies against lesser opponents to boost team morale
  • Avoid steady squad rotation. Maintain a steady first eleven to deepen team chemistry.
  • Ensure that the morale of your team is high.

You should adopt these aforementioned strategies in your quest to get that elusive win or end that losing streak that’ll put your managerial abilities in doubt and relegate you to the league of mediocre managers in Football Manager 2020. 

These tips will surely help out one way or the other. Do well to try them out.