Football Odds for 2022

One of the first things to do if you’re new to betting is to learn how betting odds operate in a sport. This is crucial because it helps you to figure out how likely a chance is to occur and how much money you will get if it does.

However, this is often confusing at the beginning. To understand how football odds work, read this betting guide on NFL Odds for 2022.

Understanding Football Odds

The most important thing to understand about NFL Odds is the point spread that is applied to each competition. Wagering on football is more complicated than simply picking the game’s ultimate winner.

You also have to know by how much the winner is going to win. In football betting, the point spread is regarded as the great equalizer and every football bettor strives to be on the right side of the line.


Next to the point spread, the total for the game (over/under) is a popular betting option in football odds every year. The total refers to the point averages that bettors are challenged to go over or under for a game’s overall combined points.

A total of 48.5, for instance, could be posted and the bettor’s task is to determine whether the game’s total amount of points will surpass or remain below that number. An ‘over’ bet would win with a winning tally of 30-20 (50 complete points). On the other hand, an ‘under’ wager would win with a scoreline of 24-21 (45 complete points).

Betting on NFL Futures

Who do you think would win the current NFL season? One of the most frequently asked questions by anyone who wagers on NFL Futures, especially online bookies in the USA.

Although it’s not easy to answer that question, one can always bet on NFL Futures. The primary betting lines are replicated based on the team’s current standing after the previous season, and this is where the value lies.

The NFL comprises 32 teams, divided into two conferences of 16 teams and four divisions of 4 teams. There are NFL Futures eligible for the Super Bowl and the winners of each competition and division.

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Some online betting sites go even further with their markets, allowing customers to wager on the two teams that will face off in the Super Bowl. These chances are often better, allowing bettors to make a good profit. But predicting one result is difficult enough, you can only imagine what predicting two outcomes looks like.

Fanduel NFL Odds for 2022

Although the 2022 NFL season is still months away, you can start planning where to wager on the games and open outright markets.

According to FanDuel Odds, its sportsbook is an excellent choice because it not only allows you to wager on the NFL  and also gives you access to outright betting options.

FanDuel offers favorable betting odds on popular events because their oddsmakers are primarily based on popular US sports, like the NFL.

The deals may vary and you may get higher odds in a different betting channel. But you won’t go wrong with FanDuel if you’re looking for a sportsbook that gives competitive prices for top events.

FanDuel already offers live streaming, and once the new season of NFL starts, we expect them to stream the majority of the games. Ensure to check if your account has been verified and if you have money in it. FanDuel offers both in-play and pre-game NFL odds, based on the number of markets open for betting.