From an Arsenal fan: Could this be a case for Mikel Arteta?

In light of the criticisms that Spanish boss Mikel Arteta is facing due to the start of the season crisis at Arsenal, a fan of the club has come to his defense, and here is his say:

I see people compare the results of smaller teams to bigger teams and I laugh. Every football fan should know that the pressure on bigger teams is the toughest part of being a big team, not even the opponents.

Put the same set of players in a small team and a big team and you’d see the small team finishing above the big team very easily, why? Because the pressure of expectations takes its toll on players and managers.

I hear, “see what Moyes is doing at West Ham” “see what Rodgers is doing at Leicester” “see what Ranieri did at Leicester”.

So tell me. Why didn’t David Moyes do the same at Manchester United? After all, he shone at midtable Everton before that. Why didn’t Claudio Ranieri reproduce his Leicester success at Chelsea and AS Monaco? I’m guessing that a good number of folks would say that he worked with Chelsea years before he landed the Leicester role.

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Why didn’t Brendan Rodgers attain success at Liverpool even with better players than he has at Leicester today? Sucess here being relative in comparison to the Foxes as he narrowly missed out on Premier League success with the Reds. It would have been a major one for him at Anfield.

This logic also applies to players. We’ve seen players blossom in mid-table teams where there’s no pressure of expectations but falter when they make that dream move to a top team. This is no more news as we’ve seen it happen time and time again.

Therefore, if you think Mikel Arteta is faltering at Arsenal because you think Moyes is doing better with a smaller team, ask yourself if Moyes would be under the same attacks Arteta is on if he was the one that finished 8th. When you consider this, you’ll see the pressure difference.

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If you think Arsenal have players to compete, ask yourself how many Arsenal players in their best form would walk into the starting lineup of the top 4 teams you want them to compete against. Then you’ll see just how average the Arsenal squad is.

I don’t care who coaches Arsenal, but if we don’t fix the real mess of either investing like a top club or accepting we can no longer compete with the top clubs at this moment, we will keep changing coaches every year with even worse results.

I made a mistake when I blamed Unai Emery for something that wasn’t his fault and I won’t repeat the mistake.

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