Google Snake Game Dark Mode – How To Enable

The internet is undoubtedly the home of games and most people indeed play games for different reasons. Games are created to be fun and they help in several different ways from entertaining to helping to kill time and to help solve life puzzles. 

For example, games like chess, Google Snake game, and the like help to build logical reasoning and critical thinking. 

Brief Google Snake Game Review

The Google Snake game is one of the most popular mobile games on the web. The mobile game is also one of the popular Google Doodle games. 

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It involves controlling a snake to eat colorful dots. Players control a snake to eat every dot on its way and the fun thing about this particular mobile game is that the more dots the snake eats the longer it becomes and the more tasking and difficult the game seems. 

The Google Snake game also has amazing features which make it fun to play for all ages whether young or old. 

For example, power-ups in the game help to make the snake grow longer whereas the dark mode feature helps to prevent the eyes of players from straining. And as well increase the fun of playing.

How To Enable Google Snake Game Dark Mode 

Playing the game in light mode could be fun and interesting but in some cases, it can cause harm to the eyes if played too often.

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Therefore, embracing playing the game in dark mode is mostly advised for lovers and players of the game who want to reduce the risk of eye strain. 

The dark mode feature of the mobile game doesn’t only prevent eye strain but also makes the game more exciting and enjoyable to play with ease. This is how to enable dark mode on the Google Snake game step by step guide.

  1. Start by going to the Google Chrome web browser on your device (smartphone, laptop, or desktop).
  1. Search for Google Snake Game on the search bar of your Google Chrome web browser.
  1. Pick out the Google Snake Game from the search result displayed on your screen and then select the play icon.
  1. From the top right corner of your Google Chrome web browser, select the three-dotted icons displayed on your screen.
  1. Then the next thing to do is to select the More Tools option from the Drop Down Menu.
  1. After that select the Developer Tools Option.
  1. Then select the Console Tab and then enter the ‘window.snake.dark ();’ command in the box provided on your screen.
  1. The result is that the background of the game will suddenly become black which certainly means it has been switched to dark mode.

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The Google Snake game is a fun game that can be entertaining and used to pass time and overcome boredom in leisure hours. It is a game for all ages whether young or old and it has been existing for a long time now. 

Most people can tell of their experiences playing the game and it has always been recorded to be fun and exciting. Its dark mode feature Is what makes the game more enjoyable.