How Much Does An MLS Player Make?

My pal has fallen in love with the development of major league soccer, and he is here wondering how much a professional soccer player in the Major League Soccer (MLS) makes.

And if you are also asking the same question, then this post has got you covered. Major league soccer has been a home for star players who are closer to their retirements, so they see the league as one that could still match their strength.

And with the addition of good players has proven to be essential to the league and the team’s growth. Let me blow your mind, Major League Soccer is ranked top ten in average salaries of football leagues in the world.

However, According to recent reports, the average salary for an MLS player is quite substantial. So, In this blog post, I will discuss “How much does an MLS player Make” and the factors that influence their salary.

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You will also learn;

  • If MLS players get paid weekly or monthly
  • How much does an average MLS player make?
  • How much a pro MLS player makes

Plus, the highest-paid players in major league soccer. So, let’s get started.

How Much Do MLS Players Make?

When it comes to MLS player salaries, the sky’s the limit. 

MLS teams have a salary cap that limits the amount of money each team can spend on their players, but this does not necessarily mean that the players make less money.

As of 2019, the MLS salary cap is $4.9 million and each team has at least 18 players, meaning that the average MLS player salary ranges from $270,000 to $5 million per year. 

However, the range depends on the player’s experience, talent, and performance. Veteran players make more than rookie players and top-tier players can make up to seven figures per year. 

MLS teams also have two Designated Players (DPs) players who are paid more than their teammates and can make up to three times the maximum salary cap.

The minimum salary for an MLS player in 2019 is $70,250 and is the same for all teams regardless of their location. 

This means that even though there may be players earning more than $5 million annually, there are plenty of players who earn significantly less than that.

In a real sense, the amount an MLS player makes varies greatly depending on their experience, talent, and performance. 

Although there is a salary cap, many players make more than the cap due to being designated players or having a high level of experience. And the minimum salary for an MLS player in 2019 is $70,250.

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Does MLS Player Get Paid Weekly Or Monthly?

The answer to this question depends on a few different factors. 

First of all, MLS salary caps limit the amount of money that teams can spend on player salaries. This means that some players may be paid more than others due to their experience, skill, or even their market value. 

For example, an experienced and skilled player could command a higher salary than a lesser-known or inexperienced player.

However, MLS players are paid monthly salaries based on the salary cap rules, and also, the team may choose to provide additional payments every week. 

These additional payments may include bonuses for performance or loyalty. Bonuses are usually given in addition to the monthly salary and can range from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.

It’s important to note that the MLS salary cap is not a hard-and-fast rule and teams have some flexibility in terms of salary structures and bonuses. 

Therefore, some MLS players can receive more money every week than others, depending on the structure that their team has set up.

How Much  Does an Average MLS Player Make?

When considering the average MLS player’s salary, it’s important to understand the concept of the MLS salary cap. 

The salary cap is a mechanism that limits the amount of money teams can spend on player salaries, and it currently stands at $4.24 million.

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However, according to some reports,  the major league soccer salary cap is expected to be around $5.2 million. This means that the average MLS player’s salary could be significantly lower than those of other major sports leagues such as the NBA or NFL.

And the majority of MLS players make an average of around $60,000 to $70,000 per year. While salaries can vary greatly based on a player’s performance, age, and experience, these figures are generally what is considered an ‘average’ salary for a professional soccer player. 

Of course, some players make far more than the average and some make far less. 

For example, a top-tier player like Lorenzo Insigne can earn upwards of $12.42 million in one season, while lesser-known players may make just $70,000 or even less.

In all, the MLS salary cap helps to ensure that teams remain competitive by limiting the amount of money they can spend on player salaries. 

As a result, most MLS players make an average of around $60,000 to $70,000 per year, though some earn much more and some much less depending on their performance and experience.

How Much Does A Pro MLS Player Make?

A pro MLS player can make anywhere from $65,000 to $1 million or more per year depending on their talents.

The salary cap for Major League Soccer players varies from year to year, but it generally stands at around $4.24 million. 

The maximum salary a player can earn is set at $504,375, and the minimum salary is currently $65,000. However, some of the top players in MLS can make up to $5 million or more. 

The higher salaries are typically reserved for players with higher skills and experience levels. The salary cap also takes into consideration the team’s performance and other factors, such as the success of their television contracts. 

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However, It’s important to note that teams also have designated players who receive higher salaries than their counterparts due to their star status, though these salaries are still subject to the MLS Salary Cap.

With the salary cap in place, teams are better able to stay competitive and spread the wealth among their players.  This helps teams remain competitive and attract higher-level talent from other bigger leagues like Premier League, and co. to join the league.


The amount a major league soccer player makes annually varies and it is affected by some factors like salary caps just to mention a few.

However the majority of the teams in the league pay much more money to their experienced players, unlike the rookie players. Additionally, MLS players get paid per month though it could be in documents about some bonuses weekly or per game.

However, an average MLS player could make nothing less than $60,000 annually while the veterans could make from $60,000 to $1 million or much more depending on the player’s experience and talents.