How To Draw A Soccer Ball (Guide)

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, uniting over 3.5 billion people as football fans. You see, each day as soccer grows, football fans try to get creative and easy ways of drawing soccer terms such as pitch, football, stadium, players, and others.

However, perfectly knowing how to draw a soccer ball could help in boosting your drawing career as a kid, and also could make friends and family rate you higher in terms of drawing among others.

Well, you might not be able to draw a soccer ball the way you think. However, the steps I will be issuing in this article regarding how to draw a soccer ball will help you to draw your soccer ball uniquely and also without the help of anyone.

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What Is Needed To Draw A Soccer Ball?

To draw a soccer ball, you will need a few items to get a job well done such as –

  • A pencil or pen
  • A paper
  • Sharpener if using a pencil

How To Draw A Soccer Ball

Now, if you have gotten the requirements needed to draw a soccer ball, follow the below steps to draw a soccer ball –

  • Draw a complete circle on paper or trace it if you can
  • Draw a hexagon in the center of the circle
  • Inside the circle, at its top, draw parallel lines to each side of the hexagon
  • Connect the parallel lines to the circle
  • Draw another line to fill the space between the other hexagons
  • Now, connect the corners of the new hexagons to the other line
  • Color the hexagons in an alternating pattern to differentiate
  • You can choose to add colors to your drawing to look beautiful.

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Video Guide On How To Draw A Soccer Ball

How to Draw a Soccer Ball Easy

Another Way To Draw A Soccer Ball

  • Use a compass to trace your circle
  • Divide the circle equally using vertical and horizontal lines respectively
  • Draw two rectangles, one being vertically inserted and leveled, and the other horizontally inserted and leveled to get you small cubes in the circle
  • Draw a pentagon in the center of the project
  • Draw more Pentagons, circling the centered pentagon
  • Connect the last Pentagons you drew to the circle
  • Add texture and shape. There you have your soccer ball!

Do You Have To Consider A Soccer Size When Drawing?

Yes, a soccer ball’s size matters when you want to draw a soccer ball. You see, due to the shape of the soccer size, the size of the pentagons will be determined.

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What Are The Sizes Of Soccer Balls?

  1. Size 5 Soccer Ball

The size 5 soccer ball is meant for 12 years old kids down to professional players.

  1. Size 4 Soccer Ball

The size 4 soccer ball is also regarded as the youth soccer ball for kids between 8 – 11 years old.

  1. Size 3 Soccer Ball

For kids of 7 years and below, a soccer ball of size 3 is recommended for them.

  1. Size 1 Soccer Ball

Size 1 soccer ball could be played by anyone. Actually, it’s the starting point for soccer ball sizes, it helps in footwork. Well, if you have a toddler of 1 – 2 years interested in playing a soccer ball, this size is recommended.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Teach A Kid How To Draw A Soccer Ball?

Yes, you can teach a kid how to draw a soccer ball without getting the kid confused. For easy understanding, you should use the above explanation.

What Is The First You Do When Drawing A Soccer Ball?

The first thing you do when you want to draw a soccer ball is to trace or draw a complete circle first.