How To Finish Her Majesty’s Secret in Lost Ark – Full Guide

Lost Ark has attained massive popularity amongst game players all over the world and this comes as no surprise, especially for a game that is very interesting and has a lot to offer in relation to challenges to players.

It is one game where gamers are expected to discover and complete many tasks before they can make any major progress and this makes for an exciting gaming experience.

In Lost Ark, players can use their gaming skills to improve their characters and this is one prospect that is sure to excite and attract gamers. Your level of skill and perfection in the game will be reflected in the character you portray.

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However, one challenge in Lost Ark that has hampered player progress is Lost Ark Her Majesty’s Secret and they can’t wait to get one over this hidden story. Regardless, players should beware as Her Majesty’s Secret in North Vern could easily pass for a trap.

Her Majesty’s Secret in Lost Ark is a hidden mission and players are tasked with finding it before they can complete it. Meanwhile, completing it would be very complicated without the information in this article.

Also, chatting with a non-player character will do very little to help in this instance. Her Majesty’s Mystery, much like the rest of the other hidden stories in Lost Ark, can be located in different locations. Before you proceed, you will be signaled in your bar about the amount of time you have to complete the task.

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How To Begin Her Majesty’s Secret On Lost Ark

You will be required to begin at the Fesnar Highlands and its location can be found on the map in North Vern. You will locate this place after going past the town of Rania. 

When you leave the teleporter, head towards the left and continue to the massive bridge that you will see.

How To Complete Her Majesty’s Secret In Lost Ark

Arkesia conceals a great deal of content for players to discover if they look hard enough. In order for players to complete Her Majesty’s Secret in Lost Ark, they will need to search for a number of different locations. 

Also, at this stage, players do not have to interact with any of the various non-player characters (NPCs) in the game as the task will advance on its own when they do. Find below, the proven steps that can be taken to complete Lost Ark Her Majesty’s Secret.

  • Make your way to Fesnar Highland, located in the western part of North Vern. 
  • Locate the stone pillar and interact with it in order to acquire the first secret story note. 
  • Once you get to this part of the region, find your way through it by following the identical stone pillars that you can see. 
  • From there, head in the western direction to locate a massive sword buried in the ground. 
  • When you interact with the sword’s handle, you will discover the second secret tale note. Meanwhile, take note of the interaction prompt that appears on the side of the sword. If it is not clear, locate both of them and interact with them until you have collected the second note. 
  • Once you have done this, move to the Balankar Mountains in the northern region of Vern. 
  • You will find Veloran’s hideout in the Ancient Elveria dungeon.
  • You must enter the dungeon and engage in combat there until you reach the central area, which is known as the Contaminated Ruins. 
  • On the edge of the balcony, you will find a point of interaction and interact with it.
  • You have to do this as the final quest marker will only be complete if the relevant point near the sword was interacted with.

Now you have successfully completed the Her Majesty’s Secret in Lost Ark and emerged unscathed. Based on the information provided in this article, the process of going about it is pretty straightforward.

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Many folks and gamers have written off the quest as a very complicated one but this is not the case from the steps that were disclosed in this article. It appears that the only challenge is the lack of resources that address the challenge and we have taken action with this article.

Regardless, only gamers whose character has undergone significant improvement and development through their playing skills can go about this task successfully.

This is because you will face many dangerous and sinister enemies that appear to not be found lacking in numbers and combat.

For instance, Ancient Elveria has some of the most dangerous enemies that you will come against in Lost Ark. Do well to interact with the main points as pointed out and you will emerge unscathed from Her Majesty’s Secret.