How To Get Bronze Ore In Rune Factory 5

Footiehound has come up with relevant information on Rune Factory 5 Bronze Ore. 

However, before we provide you with the answers you seek on how to get it as well as the location guide, you must understand some basics of the exciting game that sports lovers would also love. 

In this article, you’ll get relevant information on how to farm bronze as well as silver and gold in Rune Factory 5. Please read on to understand.

What is Rune Factory 5?

Rune Factory 5 is a role-playing simulation game that was developed and published by Marvelous for Nintendo Switch. The developers of the game, Marvelous Inc., were formerly known as Marvelous AQL.

It is a Japanese company that specializes in the development and publishing of video games and anime. 

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Rune Factory 5 was the first installment in the Rune Factory series to be released since Rune Factory 4 in 2012, and Xseed Games brought it out in Japan in May 2021 before releasing it everywhere else in March 2022.

The Story Of Rune Factory 5

The game is based on the story of a hero who suffers memory loss and joins SEED, a band of rangers who are stationed in the relatively small town of Rigbarth. 

The hero will take on the responsibility of fighting monsters, tending to the land, and accomplishing chores given to them by the citizens of the town to keep the peace. 

The default names for the heroes who can be male or female are Ares and Alice and these are the characters that can be assigned to the players of the game.

Rune Factory 5 Bronze Ore

In Rune Factory 5, certain items can only be crafted and forged using bronze, which makes it an essential ore resource. 

Bronze may be discovered by players using their Mining ability, much like gold and silver can, as we will be discussing as we proceed in this article.

Bronze is distinguishable from other inhabitants of Rigbarth by the red-colored rocks that are scattered throughout Rigbarth.

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Players can also come across iron and other ores near the bronze. However, one can obtain at least a little bit of bronze ore when the aforementioned rocks are struck.

How To Get The Rune Factory 5 Bronze Ore

In this section, we will give you tips on how to find bronze ore in Rune Factory 5. The element is available in Rigbarth although it can only be found in some selected places. 

Regardless, if you are interested in how to farm bronze ore in Rune Factory 5, follow, you will have to visit the areas listed below in the game.

  • The First Floor in Atohl’s End
  • Second Floor in Bandit King’s Old Base
  • First Floor in Bandit King’s Old Base
  • The First Floor of Kelve Lava Cave
  • The Second Floor of Kelve Lava Cave
  • First Floor in Cloudheim

Before players can go about this activity if they have mastered the act of mining in the game. For them to accomplish this goal, they need to obtain the Hammer tools and they are available in various forms.

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What Is The Use Of Bronze In Rune Factory 5?

The majority of bronze is put to use in the production of weapons. The following is a list of powerful weapons that have bronze as an essential component in their ingredients list.

  • Zweihaender 
  • Battle Scythes
  • Cutlass 
  • Lances
  • Steel Edge 
  • Great sword
  • Needles spears 
  • Pole Axe 

A significant number of farming tools that can be used for crafting are also made of bronze. Some of them include sturdy hoe, tin waterpot, bronze hammer, and iron sickle, amongst others.

Seeing the several materials that can be made with bronze, it is obvious that it is one of the most important resources in Rune Factory 5

Seeing that information has been provided on how to find the Rune Factory 5 Bronze Ore, read on to find where to find silver and gold in the game.

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Where To Find Silver in Rune Factory 5

The following is a list of locations where you can obtain Silver ore Materials to use in crafting. While you are mining for silver in these locations, you could come across other rare ores as well.

  • Everlasting Darkness
  • Atohl’s End
  • Cloudheim first Floor
  • Gadeus Grasslands
  • Kelve Lava Caves

Where To Find Gold Farms In Rune Factory 5

Find below a list of all of the sites where you can find gold materials. Whilst mining for gold other rare rocks and other rare materials.

  • Atohl’s End
  • Cloudheim first Floor
  • Cloudheim second Floor
  • Meline Crystal Caverns
  • Everlasting Darkness First Floor


In this article, we’ve thrown more light on the features of Rune Factory 5, as well as how to get and locate the bronze ore in the game. 

We also went one further to show you how to also locate silver and gold farms in the game. Do well to read and leverage the information in this article.