How To Get Elden Ring Spellblade’s Pointed Hat

By now gamers would have noticed that there are several unique weapons and armor sets available in Elden Ring. The vast majority of weaponry has some function in at least one type of conflict and can be enhanced via upgrades. However, armor sets differ in this regard.

Elden Ring comes with its share of decorative armor sets and most of them hold no significance during battles. There are physical and magical resistance levels associated with every armor set.

Nevertheless, the overall variation in stats might sometimes be so small that it does not matter what the player chooses to put on their body. 

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The Spellblade Set is one of the few notable exceptions to this rule. This set grants the user many bonuses and can be styled in one of two distinct ways, depending on the gender of the character wearing it.

Elden Ring Spellblades Pointed Hat

Elden Ring contains a piece of Helm armor called the Spellblade’s Pointed Hat. Due to its provision of some enhancement to glintstone magic spells, it is ideal for intelligence builds. 

This value can be added to the effects of other sources of magic enhancement, such as other spells and talismans, in an additive manner. 

Because of the increased spell resistances it possesses, it also offers robust protection against the use of magic. In addition to these bonuses, Spellblade’s Pointed Hat also offers a variety of various looks depending on whether or not it is equipped.

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Considering other armor sets, this one can take on different forms depending on whether they are worn by a male or female character, with very subtle differences between the various types. 

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This hat is a fantastic addition to other mage sets, such as the Snow Witch Set, and is highly recommended for all Fashion Souls players. 

How To Get The Elden Ring Spellblade’s Pointed Hat

We guess you are at a loss on how to get the pointed hat. Well, in this section, we will provide you with the best information that will make your acquisition of the item possible without any major hassles.

It can be recalled that it originally belongs to a sorcerer known as Rogier since it was first discovered in his possession. However, this entity in the game is a non-playable character who the player initially meets as a friendly summon.

This helps players in their conflict with Margit, the Fell Omen. Rogier is an exceptionally potent spellblade in his own right. He augments the power of his rapier with the glintstone magic he excels in while also pelting his foes with destructive spells. 

Rogier makes extensive use of the Spellblade Set for the majority of the game up until the point where he is killed by the Deathblight beneath Stormveil Castle. 

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After he passes away, players will be able to find the hat together with the rest of his set in Roundtable Hold. They should search the area where he was resting near the balcony that is near the main hall. 

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In addition to the set, Rogier will also drop his Bell Bearing, which may be bartered for other items with the Finger Reader Crones that are located in Roundtable Hold.

Do well to follow the guide in this article in your quest to get the Elden ring spellblade’s pointed hat that originally belonged to Rogier.