How To Get Gilded Scale, Location in Genshin Impact

Gilded Scale is gotten as a reward for defeating Azhdaha in Trounce Domain located South of Mt. Hullo in Nantianmen, Liyue.

“A Scaled Armor which grows naturally on a mystical stone, rigid, and silent, and composed of the strength of the Dragon King – searing agony, thoughtless moods… hope they all disappear when the grudges that produced them are finally vanquished”.

It’s good to know that Glided Scale is a weekly gift for defeating Lord of Vishaps Azhdaha who is in the Dragon-Mueller domain found in Liyue.

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Finding Azhdaha

You will have to teleport to Mt. Hullo and move to the southeast until you reach the Trounce Domain. For old players, you will believe me that Azhdaha is a very weird big foe introduced in Genshin Impact 1.5. he appears to be a weekly boss that will only spawn after completing the second aspect of Zhongli’s story. 

Though, the Azhdaha found in Zhongli is not aggressive and voracious like the weekly boss which has all the capabilities to regenerate health and switch elements during mid-fight making its defeat a very tough one.

As the decades passed and generation upon generation returned to earth, gold and obsidian embroil themselves forming flesh and blood which stems from bedrock before spreading and turning into scales.

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Azhdaha is prone to changing elements once you inflict damage on him, this will make it difficult for players to choose their DPS. To stand a chance in defeating this foe, you will need to visit it with your favorite and have some characters like Gnayu or Amber assist you during the fight.

Characters to Take Along to Fight Azhdaha

Being a ferocious foe, he needs you to be excellent at dodging or going with a shield; at least, you can save your face for a while. So, here, I will advise you to go fight Azhdaha with one of the following characters to protect you:

  • Zhongli
  • Noelle
  • Xinyan
  • Beidou
  • Diona

Azhdaha Fighting Phases

Phase 1

At first, he will command rocks from the sky to fall, you will need to run around quickly dodging the rocks. 

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And also try to maintain good stamina as it is very useful for this battle. After successful dodging, continue attacking it till it will transition to the next phase.

Phase 2

Azhdaha also has an element that helps it inflict Hydro Damage. With your shield, you will be able to block off this element. 

While shielding your character, you should continue pouncing on him with all your weapons and inflict more damage till it jumps into its final phase.

Phase 3

The next switch will produce Electro attacks. Like phase 1, his electro attacks will be marked on the floor to help you dodge them effectively. 

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While if you have gone too far from it, it will charge directly towards you. But, what do we care? You only need to maintain a good distance while inflicting heavy damages on it to annihilate it. Once you have defeated this foe, a Trounce Blossom will spawn and you can claim your reward by either:

  • Spending 30 Original Resin (if this is the first of the 3 bosses defeated in a week)
  • Spending 60 Original Resin (If killed after the first three)