How To Get The Fortitude Of The Nightborne Armor Set

The Nightborne are an allied race that belongs to the Horde’s five allied races in the Battle for Azeroth. The remaining races include the Highmountain Tauren, the Mag’har Orcs, the Vulpera, and the Zandalari Trolls. The Nightborne Allied Race is one of those races. 

The Nightborne are formidable elves and it comes as no surprise that their armor set is one of the best in the Warcraft Universe. The Fortitude Of The Nighborne Armor Set is being craved by a lot of folks and in this article, we will throw more light on how to go about its acquisition.

This guide will take a look at the unlock criteria, rewards, class possibilities, race spells, and more! Read on to know how to acquire the Nightborne armor set as well as information on the Nightborne Manasaber. 

The Nightborne Manasaber

The Nightborne Manasaber is born with the ability to detect arcane energy. The cat was given as a gift of gratitude to a confirmed ally of the nightborne.

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Riding Requirements For Nightborne Manasaber

This mount is available to all eligible characters on your account.

  • Level 10
  • Apprentice Riding
  • Horde only

This cat serves as the Nightborne allied race’s racial mount in World of Warcraft. It will be available to all Horde players on your account after the Nightborne have been added to the Horde and the associated unlocking process has been completed.

Wowhead provides a helpful Allied Races Overview that will guide you through the process of recruiting all of the races.

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Video Guide To Unlock Nightborne

A Guide to Unlock the Nightborne [Allied Race Quest]

Fortitude Of The Nightborne Armor Set

How to unlock Nightborne

To unlock the Nightborne, you will need to complete all of the storylines in Suramar to acquire the Insurrection achievement and become eligible to play as the Nightborne Allied Race. Find insurrection tips below via the links 


The value for insurrection is 10 Points and you will have to complete the Suramar storylines listed below.


Following the completion of the aforementioned objective, the Recruitment Scenario for the Nightborne will become accessible to you in the Orgrimmar Embassy. 

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Upon completion of the Recruitment Scenario, you will receive the Nightborne Manasaber mount.

Heritage Armor

Once you’re done with the previous stage, you will need to create your first Nightborne character in the game as you will only receive the Shal’dorei Tabard after this is done.

Meanwhile, if you can level a Nightborne to level 50 without the use of a character boost, you will receive the Heritage of the Nightborne achievement, which subsequently awards a Heritage Armor cosmetic transmog set.

This achievement will allow you to wear the Heritage Armor set.

Who Can Wear This Armor Set?

The Fortitude of the Nightborne armor set is designed for use by paladins and warriors. 

Because it provides robust protection against both physical and magical assaults, this armor set is best suited for persons who require the highest level of defense possible. 

The Nightborne Armor Set is designed to be highly lightweight and mobile, making it ideal for wear by warriors who are required to move quickly.

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Racial Spells That You Can Leverage

  • Cantrips – Allows you to Conjure up an Eldritch Grimoire, allowing you mail access for 1.5 min.
  • Arcane Pulse – Causes Arcane damage to close enemies and reduces their movement speed by 50%. It lasts 12 sec.
  • Ancient History – Inscription skill increased by 15.
  • Magical Affinity – Increases magical damage dealt by 1%.
  • Arcane Resistance – Reduces any Arcane damage you receive by 1%.

Classes Of Nightborne

The classes of Nightborne are listed below:

  • Hunter
  • Death Knight
  • Warlock
  • Priest
  • Mage
  • Monk
  • Warrior
  • Rogue

Brief Story Of The Nightborne

Because they were shut up behind a barrier for the past 10,000 years, the elves of Suramar became increasingly reliant on the arcane power provided by the Nightwell. 

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To safeguard this source of power, the leaders of the Nightborne realm made a deal with the Burning Legion, which resulted in their kingdom being torn apart by internal conflict. 

After successfully emancipating themselves from their demonic overlords, the Nightborne are now looking for allies within the Horde to assist them in reclaiming their rightful place in the world. 

It remains to be seen if they can trust any ally with eases after the previous deal turned sour.