How To Make Lake In Little Alchemy

You must have been enjoying the Little Alchemy 2 with its lots of creations. As we have always been helpful to our visitors with our cheats/guide, today, we will be teaching how to make Lake Element in Little Alchemy. With the Lake, you will be able to create more elements, that’s the essence of Little Alchemy.

To make a Lake from scratch, there are five unique steps to follow which will be detailed below. So, hang on let’s take a ride together. On a short note, the list below is what we are going to create and mix to get a Lake.

  • Water + Air = Rain
  • Rain + Earth = Plant
  • Plant + Plant = Garden
  • Water + Garden = Pond
  • Water + Pond = Lake

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Do you have the elements above ready? I guess you don’t have them, so, here are the steps to create them! Let’s Go!

Step 1 – How to make Rain in Little Alchemy

The first to make Lake in Little Alchemy is to create Rain. So, we are going to make Rain now.

  • From the Element panel, drag Water into the playing board.
  • Also, select Air from the Element panel and drop it on the Water to firm a Rain.

Nice one! We got our Rain. So, the next Element is Plant.

Step 2 – How to make Plant in Little Alchemy

To create Plant, go to:

  • Element panel and drag Rain to the playing board.
  • Drag Earth from the Element panel and mix with the Rain to firm a Plant element.

And there! We have our Plant. Next on the list is to create a Garden, so, let’s get that done immediately.

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Step 3 – How to make Garden in Little Alchemy

To make a Garden, you will:

  • Go to the Element panel and drag Plant to the playing board.
  • Select Plant again and drop it on the Plant that’s on the playing board to firm a Garden. Remember, it’s plants that make a garden.

We head over to the next item which is Pond Element.

Step 4 – How to make Pond in Little Alchemy

Now we have our Garden, we can create a Pond with ease. So, go to:

  • Element panel and drag water to the playing board.
  • Select Garden also and mix with the water on the playing board to firm a Pond.

That’s it! So easy. Let’s now make a Lake since we have obtained all the 4 elements needed.

How to make Lake in Little Alchemy

To make Lake, you will MIX THE Pond and Water from the element panel. So, let’s practice it.

  • Select Water from the Element panel and drop it on the playing board.
  • Drag the Pond you just created to the playing board also and mix it with water to form a Lake.

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There! We have our Lake element. If you followed the steps that have been outlined in this article, you will be smiling by now that you could make a Lake in Little Alchemy 2.

Final Thoughts

Everything cheat/guide you need to create an Element in Little Alchemy 2 can be found on our site. We have lots of guides down here. See you next time, and enjoy your world of creation with our direct and informative guide.