Idle Dice Import Code (Working)

Idle Dice is a dice game where you are to beat your opponents in the game to earn money, points, and upgrades. But the game is not as smooth as it looks.

You will be facing tough AIs and other players and will need how to go about winning a point. So, if you have been at this pool of grinding and not making progress. Then, the Idle Dice import code is your way to streamline the gameplay.

Idle Dice was launched by Luts91 in 2018. The game tasks players to roll the dice to earn money and get fantastic features. And also to upgrade your character.

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One major captivating aspect of the game is its roulette you can roll for a bonus. The game is quite addicting and rewards fairly.

Idle Dice Import Code

So, if you want to have smooth gameplay, then download the codes below.

Import Code 1


Import Code 2


Import Code 3


Import Code 4

Import Code 5

How to Use Idle Dice Import Codes

The steps we will walk you through on how to import saved data and codes are straightforward. You just have to follow the steps as detailed in this article.

  • To start, launch your game, go to Settings by clicking on the Gear symbol. It is located on the top left side.
  • Once clicked and the Settings menu is up. Navigate to the button that says Import Save and tap on it.
  • Now copy and paste any of the code you have copied into the box here. Then click on Load to activate it.

That’s all you need to import code in Idle Dice. You can now enjoy your game.