Jordon Ibe found guilty for fleeing scene of Bentley car crash

Bournemouth midfielder Jordon Ibe, 24, crashed his Bentley into a coffee shop and drove away, abandoning part of the vehicle in the rubble. The incident occurred on July 30 after the former Liverpool player smashed into The Pantry on Plaistow Lane in Bromley, London.

He previously admitted guilt for careless driving but was also found guilty of failing to stop after an accident at the hearing which was held at Bexley Magistrates’ Court on Monday.

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Jordon Ibe was served with an interim driving ban and will face sentencing by the Bromley magistrates on 3rd March. According to the court hearing, the vehicle hit the premises and a parked car at about 04:50 BST.


Prosecutors also revealed that part of Ibe’s white Bentley Bentayga 4×4 was abandoned at the scene in front of the shop when he drove away. Therefore, the shop front was removed from its foundations for safety purposes, the court heard.

However, the defending counsel Jonathan Morrissey claimed that the player had waited at the scene for a reasonable period but no one was on hand to exchange details with.

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