Jorgelina Cardoso – Meet The Wife Of Angel Di Maria

A significant number of football fans are interested in knowing about the wives and families of their favorite football players and we will be looking at Jorgelina Cardoso, the wife of Argentina and Juventus FC star Angel Di Maria.

Jorgelina Cardoso comes from a humble background in Argentina and has been a pillar to her husband by supporting his career and following him to the various countries where he has played the game thus far in his career.

Although the couple has been together for a while, a lot of fans do not know much about their relationship. The fact that Jorgelina doesn’t give up much information online also makes it difficult to know much about her.

Regardless, we have come up with relevant information on the wife of Angel Di Maria and in this article, you will learn a lot about Jorgelina Cardoso.

Jorgelina Cardoso Bio

  • Birthday: July 11, 1982
  • Place of Birth: Rosario, Argentina
  • Nationality: Argentinian
  • Residency: Turin
  • Husband: Angel Di Maria
  • Job: Housewife 
  • Instagram: @jorgelinacardoso26
  • Height: 5ft 4in(162cm)
  • Weight: 58 kg
  • Religion: Christian
  • Hair Colour: Blonde 
  • Eye Colour: Dark 

Jorgelina Cardoso Early Years and Family 

She was born on July 11, 1982, which means that Jorgelina Cardoso is currently 40 years old. The age difference between her and Di Maria is seven years and she is older.

The name of her father is Papilo Lindo from what has been gathered although there is still not much about her available online. 

Jorgelina Cardoso Education 

Jorgelina Cardoso spent most of her early years in Argentina where she was schooled in a regional institution. She subsequently enrolled at the University of Buenos Aires after high school but the course she studied is unknown. 

Meanwhile, her proficiency in a wide range of non-native tongues is one of her exceptional qualities. She has an excellent command of French, Spanish, and English. 

Jorgelina Cardoso Career 

It appears that Jorgelina Cardoso is a housewife and we have no information if she has been a career woman in the past. Regardless, she is presently the lady boss in the Angel Di Maria family.

Taking care of their child and making decisions around the house is not an easy responsibility; despite this, she has done a good job of fulfilling her position to a large extent. 

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Jorgelina is also a crucial factor in Di Maria’s decision-making process regarding significant job matters. One fact is that the winger had to relocate to England for one year before he could make the move to Old Trafford to play for Manchester United.

Jorgelina was reportedly not fond of the location and urged her husband to relocate the family to Paris. The move has been incredibly beneficial for the Argentine star in terms of his professional career. 

His move to Manchester United and his time there will surely pass as one of the low points of his footballing career. He presently plays for Serie A giants Juventus and will be looking to steer them back to their glory days at the domestic level.

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Jorgelina Cardoso Net Worth

Presently, the net worth of Jorgelina Cardoso is not clear and can only be predicted at best. Regardless, Di Maria’s move from Manchester United to big money spenders PSG is sure to have enhanced her finances before he left to join Juventus.

Di Maria’s estimated salary at Juventus is $175,360 per week and $9,118,720 per year. This is a fortune for the player and his family and the wife should be a major beneficiary in this regard. 

Di Maria has been a top player in Serie A and it came as no surprise that the Italian giants still went all out for him after his time with PSG in Ligue 1.

Jorgelina Cardoso’s Husband, Angel Di Maria

What can we say about this popular football star that fans are not aware of? Di Maria began his senior team career with the local team Rosario Central. 

His performances for the Argentine side were top notch and it didn’t take long for the elite European clubs to notice his astounding talents and jaw-dropping prowess on the ball.

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He entered the limelight during his time with Benfica in Portugal before Real Madrid made him a star by signing him to their team in 2010. 

He carved a niche for himself as one of the best and most successful stars to pass through the Bernabeu before making the move to Manchester United. 

it was expected that he would take the Premier League by storm in a United jersey but this was not the case. The time spent at Manchester United, which lasted for one year, was not very productive. 

However, his career came back to life after he moved to Paris Saint-Germain in 2015, where he established himself as a top forward. He has since moved to Serie A giants Juventus.

He has also been very impressive in national team colors. He scored the winning goal in the final of Copa American in 2021 in a 1-nil win against Brazil, ensuring that the Argentine senior team landed the domestic trophy that had eluded them for years. He played a key role in Argentina’s first World Cup win after decades in Qatar in 2022.

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Jorgelina Cardoso and Di Maria Relationship

Jorgelina and Di Maria have been together for a long period and this is a good one. It appears that they have known one another for more than a decade. 

They’ve faced many challenges but have emerged unscathed thus far and remain committed to each other. It can be recalled that they got married in 2011 and have stayed together since then.

Jorgelina Cardoso Children 

The couple has two kids and the first child, a daughter named Mia Di Maria was born in 2013. She was born prematurely and had to be cared for in a specialist institution for 6 months before she was released in good health.

Their second child, another daughter named Pia Di Maria was born on November 3, 2017.

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Jorgelina Cardoso On Social media 

Jorgelina is gradually attaining popularity on Instagram where she presently has more than 550k followers. She primarily shares pictures of their family, particularly their two stunning kids, on her Instagram account. 

It appears she is not one to flaunt her beauty online based on what we have gathered about her thus far and by the pictures she shares on her social media accounts.

Now you know the wife of your favorite football star Angel Di Maria. We’ve thrown more light on her identity, her relationship with the talented footballer, and the kind of family they have. Do well to leverage the information in this article.