Jose Mourinho clashes with reporters ahead of Bournemouth game

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Man United manager Jose Mourinho clashed with reporters at the club’s press conference after he was questioned about the role he played in the fracas that ensued after the Manchester derby.

According to reports, the Man City players engaged in celebrations with loud music in an open door dressing room which angered United officials with Mourinho thought to have a remark to those inside on his way to the post-match interviews.

Mourinho was not pleased with the celebrations and pointed out that his team showed more respect after their defeat of Arsenal at the Emirates.

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“For me it was just a question of diversity – diversity in behaviours and diversity in education. Just that and nothing more than that,” Mourinho said.

When he was pressed to explain what he meant, hew continued: “Diversity of behavior, of opinion, of education you know.

“What we did in the Arsenal stadium was completely diverse, what happened after that, the way we behaved as winners.”

Mourinho ignored questions on the fracas and grew irritable as the reporters persisted with questions on the topic. He went ahead to accuse the reporters of disregarding United’s next opponents Bournemouth.

When asked if he expected anyone at United to receive punishment form the FA, he replied the reporter: “Why? I think you work for another club and not for the press.”

He was further questioned about reports that Lukaku would be punished for throwing a water bottle during the free for all fracas that ensued between the City and Man United players and staff.

“You know accuse, prove, show evidence and punish him,” Mourinho said.

They further questioned Mourinho on his level of confidence that United players behaved in the right manner, and he replied: “I know. I am not confident. I know.”

Meanwhile, Pep Guardiola insisted that the celebrations from City after the win were not over the top.

However, the press conference was halted with Mourinho getting up and leaving the room, but not before he criticised the reported for not asking questions about Bournemouth.

“You don’t like Bournemouth eh? You don’t respect them?” Mourinho said.

“You don’t think they are a team capable to come to Old Trafford and do well? No respect for Eddie Howe? No respect for their players?”


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