Journalist Hajo Seppelt denied entry to Russia for World Cup

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Reports from German broadcasting network ARD indicate that Russia have denied entry to journalist Hajo Seppelt into the country ahead of the 2018 World Cup. He was among the top journalists who engaged in uncovering and exposing systemic doping and cover-ups in Russia.

According to the report, Seppelt’s visa was declared invalid. It also described the incident as unprecedented.

Seppelt sand ARD have been cooperating with whistleblowers in recent years to publicise the lengths that countries like Russia would go to ensure that their athletes in sports like track and field came out tops in global championships.

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One of the early films revealed that officials of the Russian Federation urged athletes to cheat, while some anti-doping officials were paid off to conceal positive tests by Russian stars. Meanwhile, in 2015, Russia athletics federation filed two lawsuits against German TV documentaries. The suits were based on claims that the films had rubbished their honor and dignity. However, the cases were dismissed by a Russian court.


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