Karim Adeyemi; Germany’s next superstar on the rise

Karim Adeyemi is a young attacker plying his trade in Austria for RB Salzburg and has caught the eye of many in the past 12 months. Blessed with pace and ambidexterity which makes it so hard to defend against him.

Adeyemi is predominantly a striker, but he is also capable of playing on either the right or left-wing. But with that being said, he is not a classical out-and-out striker.

Adeyemi tends to position himself deep down the central channels or drift out wide in the attacks and in the build-ups to get more time on the ball.

Whilst on the ball, he likes to challenge the opposition and take players on or execute penetrating, line-breaking passes throughout the vertical channels to set his teammates up in prosperous positions.

When taking on the opposition, Adeyemi mostly relies on his lightning speed, incredible acceleration, and quick change of pace to get past his mark instead of technical showdowns.

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He is a very quick thinker and a great improviser too, as he seems to always have his next move planned before he even gets the ball. He acts quickly in situations as counters with flick-ons to his teammates, or a quick change of direction to maneuver past the opposition, to keep the attacks fluid and rapid.


As mentioned above, many of Adeyemi’s greatest strengths lies in his speed and quick change of pace and direction. But perhaps his greatest strength of all is his composure in front of goal and clinical nature to score.

Adeyemi never seems to get nervous in front of the goal. He’s a master of exploiting spaces the goalkeeper doesn’t cover, and he can exploit them in all angles due to his two-footedness.

Whether that’s above, under, or beside the goalkeeper doesn’t matter – Adeyemi will exploit the space regardless.

To have that capability at such a young age is very unheard of and rare, so it truly sets him apart from most strikers his age. Adeyemi is also a decent aerial threat and is no stranger to scoring with headers.


But despite his nature as a clinical scorer, he’s a great creator as well. Adeyemi is very skilled with penetrating and line-breaking passes to his teammates in the spaces behind the opposition midfield and defense.

He has a good vision, timing, and read of the game to make these types of passes. Which areas to exploit and when to exploit them.


Most of Adeyemi’s weaknesses are due to inexperience and young age. His decision-making stands out as a weakness in a sense of knowing when to pass and when to take on the opposition on his own.

As mentioned previously, Adeyemi is a skilled player at beating his defender one against one or even one against two, but he tends to opt for that too often.


This, however, is not out of the ordinary for a young player. It can all come down to him wanting to prove himself and showcase what he’s able to do.

These types of weaknesses tend to wear off with time. Another weakness Adeyemi needs to work on is his passing which of course wouldn’t be so much of a problem as he continues to get games.

The technique is there and he’ll just need to pay attention to that aspect of his game and look to improve.

His potential is frightening as he’s so difficult to contain and he also possesses the relentlessness of elite attackers. This is a player to keep an eye on as he has the potential to become one of the best in world football.