Klopp charges his players to create their own atmosphere

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp is enjoying his players’ way of creating their own atmosphere after a warm-up 6 nil friendly win against Blackburn Rovers at Anfield.

The fixture allowed the German gaffer to assess the fitness of his players ahead of the Merseyside derby on June 21, and also observe how they’ll adapt to playing behind-closed-doors amid safety protocols.

Speaking about the absence of supporters in the stands during games, Klopp told the Liverpool official website:

“Yes, it’s different, of course. You need to get used to it, but I like it. After three times, it is completely OK.

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“I thought before – and I don’t have experience in this area – that it would be really awkward, but we have to create our own atmosphere in the games.

“We have to be lively as well, we have to be animated and stuff like this. Being positive about the things that have happened and so on, that’s how you can create an atmosphere – and it’s what we have to do as well. Apart from that, it is Anfield.”

The German is working to ensure that his players are not overwhelmed by the new unusual rules and protocols to be deployed during games in the fight against the spread of COVID-19.

“Everything is different” he said. “The boys now go home and they didn’t have a shower. It was raining before the game, so that would have been funny if there had been really hard rain and then you drive home in your own car and you didn’t have a shower.

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“Our meeting was here in the boardroom. We want to have it like this, we can organise it differently at Anfield when we play here, but we have no clue how it’ll be at away games and we need to create as awkward-as-possible situations just to not be surprised.

“We want to focus completely on football and whatever happens around the games, we just take it like it is.”