Klopp not blaming Adrian for errors which led to Liverpool’s elimination

Jurgen Klopp has insisted that he does not blame goalkeeper Adrian for his mistake which allowed Atletico Madrid to get back into the game and end Liverpool’s reign as European champions.

The Reds were ahead on aggregate after Roberto Firmino’s goal only for Adrain to fluff a kick to Joao Felix with Marcos Llorente subsequently scoring from the pass that ensued.

Llorente went on to score again before another substitute Alvaro Morata scored the winner in the 120th minute for Diego Simeone’s men to drive the spear further into Anfield hearts.

“He’s a man and he knows that’s how it is. We will not blame him for a second – what you (the media) do, I don’t know but stay respectful, that would be really nice,” said Klopp, who finally lost his first two-legged European tie since taking the role as Liverpool boss, as well as the club’s first European home defeat since 2014.


“He did not want to do that, he saved us in so many moments when he played. Since he’s here, he had super performances.

“This goal didn’t help tonight but that’s how it is. I said, if you lose a game you always lose for some (different) reasons.”

Meanwhile. the goalie on the other end Jan Oblak was super impressive on the night and made a string of key saves that kept Atletico in the game even as they came under siege in the second half.

“I think everybody who saw the game tonight knows that it could have been different. I loved our first 90 or 95 minutes, however long it was,” added Klopp.


“Our first, main mistake tonight was that we scored the second goal too late; we scored in extra time and not in the 90 minutes, so that was our fault.

“When you see a team like Atletico packed with world-class players in their positions and they play the way they play, it is the most difficult thing to do, to face. That’s how it is.

“We did exceptionally well, we played exactly in the spaces we have to play. I loved the football we played.

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“We caused them more problems than probably people thought after the first game. Against a defensive set-up like that, to cause a team that many problems is really exceptional, so I loved that.”

Liverpool have reached the UCL final in the last two years and won their sixth European title in that time. However, this was a frustrating end to their brilliant run in the competition.

“For two-and-a-half years we had an exceptional ride in the Champions League, we had party after party after party in the Champions League pretty much,” said Klopp.

“And tonight was a party, everything was set, it was great – crowd exceptional, the stadium, everything showed up in the best way.


“The boys delivered a super game, fought hard, played well and scored wonderful goals.

“But we lost. That’s it. No impact on anything. Now we have more time to prepare the Premier League games.”

Atletico Madrid boss Diego Simeone was full of praise for Jan Oblak: “He stopped every situation he had today but we also made it hard for their strikers to shoot”

“He saves games for us. Messi wins games for you up front and in goal people can win games for you as well. Oblak does that.


“Our fans will remember this and his performance for a long time.”

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