Kolarov – Italians didn’t understand the severity of coronavirus at first

Serie A players are taking part in personalized training sessions at home amid balanced nutrition in a bid to stay in shape as the coronavirus crisis persists. This was made known by AS Roma’s Aleksandar Kolarov.

“All of the players have an individual plan and we talk on a daily basis with our sporting staff”, the Serbian international told Sportklub

“They brought us a home bike and some things to eat so we didn’t have to leave the house. I just left my home twice, we are scheduled to resume training on Sunday but I doubt it happens”

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Kolarov went on: “Football isn’t a priority at the moment, I don’t see how we can start again in May and end by June 30th. Although I would like to go back to playing, I’m pessimistic in this regard.

“Everyone should be responsible, if they say you must stay home, they stay home. In Italy they are very similar to Serbians mentally, they don’t understand well the first time. When the virus hit northern Italy, it was taken lightly. Now the restrictions are very serious and I believe they will get even more rigid because there are people who don’t respect the guidelines”.

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