Lampard expects low points tally for Premier League winners

Frank Lampard expects this season’s Premier League title to be won with significantly lower points than in recent seasons.

The last three seasons have seen Manchester City and Liverpool emerge as champions with 100, 88, and 99 points respectively while Chelsea got 93 points in the 2016/17 campaign.

The 2020/21 season’s battle is beginning to take shape and is very close with Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool leading the rest of the pack with 25 points in 12 games, although it’s a narrow gap between them and the likes of Leicester, Southampton, and Chelsea.

Lampard said: “I think that’s just where we’re at this season. We felt it first hand at the weekend with Everton. They’ve got good players, they invested in the summer, they’re a good squad, they were well organized and they made it very difficult for us.

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“And watching the games yesterday, you see that all over the place. The league is getting tighter for whatever reason. I think teams are strengthening, they’re very well organized and I think certainly I felt our preparation into the season was slightly different so we’ve been a bit of a work in progress.

“We feel ourselves we’ve already lost some points we maybe wouldn’t have done. Everyone will feel that in their own ways. We have to make sure we just maintain our levels and keep improving to stay in that.”

He then went on to hit back at those who consider his Chelsea side as title favorites, citing the 1 nil loss to Everton at Goodison Park, which ended their 17-game unbeaten run.

He said: “We’ve got some new players that have come in and people maybe want to look at the price-tag but, at the same time, some of them are young players that are coming to play in this league for the first time and that clearly needs a little bit of time.

“So there’s a lot of elements to the squad. I believe we will improve, we are improving, but strong squads will only be referred to when you win something.”

Speaking ahead of the midweek Premier League clash away to Wolves at the Molineux, he expects Nuno Espirito Santo’s men to be strengthened by the head injury to Raul Jimenez.

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The forward suffered a fracture in his skull in last month’s victory over Arsenal after a dangerous clash of heads with David Luiz and spent over a week in the hospital.

He used Petr Cech’s skull injury against Reading in 2006 s a reference, saying: “It actually galvanized us”.

“We lost a great goalkeeper for a period of time but, when you have that critical of an injury – I saw the images of Jimenez turning up at the training ground last week and seeing all his team-mates again and I’m sure it would have almost galvanized some strength within the group because team-mates, friends, within that, you worry about players with injuries anyway.

“It’s a very difficult job when you’re injured and out let alone when that injury could be more threatening to your health than the standard kind of injury. So I’m sure it will make them stronger but they miss obviously a very good player at the same time.

“It’s a difficult situation, one I don’t like to see, whether it’s our team like it was with Petr or an opponent. I’d rather play against Wolves with a fit, healthy Jimenez of course even though he’s a top player.”