Lost Ark White Wind vs Estoque: Which ship to upgrade?

It is no more news that Lost Ark is an MMO game that focuses on exploration. Lost Ark is started by moving your mount, at level 50, sailing will become your major way of transportation.

Thus, getting an efficient ship to carry you all the way and having the right crew is very essential to save you some time and travel far without fixing hitches here and there on your ship. You could save more time and silver if you made the right choice of ship and crew.

Many players rarely find the best ship to upgrade. Choosing and upgrading the best ship is worth the investment and there are many moving parts to upgrade in a ship. 

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And it was also expensive. Therefore, we must make the right choice of ship and upgrade one particular ship at a time than wasting our scarce resources trying to upgrade all. 

This now begs the question, which ship should you upgrade? Is it the Estoque (the game’s base ship) or the White Wind (earned by completing Anikka’s main story)?

When you complete the North Vern’s storyline, you will get the Sturmbrecher, its negative side is that it is meant to sail through glaciers specifically rather than other locations on the map, leaving you to make a selection between the Estoque and White Wind.

White Wind vs. Estoque

Although, both ships have their pros and cons. The White Wind ship has a base speed of 19.0 while the Estoque ship has a base speed of 20.0. 

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Moreover, the Estoque has more resistance to threats and hazards which can reduce the durability of the ship if it sails through hazardous zones, while the White Wind ship resistance is very prevalent in Sandstorms, and it also has higher durability.

Resistance is an important factor to consider on ships. This is because when you sail through the Sea of Gienah and other numerous harbors and Marinas along the borders, you will need more speed and resistance.

Also, they will be required more than durability as the hazardous environment will rapidly deplete your ship’s durability. For this purpose, you should upgrade the Estoque to the White Wind.

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Make sure you use any resources you get from ship upgrading to the Estoque. Estoque will help you pass the most hazardous zone than the White Wind. 

Though you may be tempted to upgrade the Astray ship, till then, Estoque is still the best choice. You will see yourself saving more silver and making fewer repairs if you followed our instructions here.

In choosing crewmates, you can apply diverse strategies. This crewmate has what each brings to your ship; some will add more ship speed, while others can add more resistance to specific hazards. When you enter a new horizon, it’s necessary to reshuffle your crewmates for better performance and experience.