McTominay – Lionel Messi snubbed my shirt request

Manchester United midfielder Scott McTominay has revealed that he almost missed out on the chance to get Lionel Messi’s shirt after the Barcelona star initially refused to give it to him.

The two players faced off twice in the quarterfinals of the 2019 UEFA Champions League where the Catalans ran out 4 nil winners on aggregate with Lionel Messi scoring a brace at Camp Nou in a game the Catalans dominated wholly.

It can be recalled that an own goal by Luke Shaw was what separated the sides after the first leg at Old Trafford. Meanwhile, McTominay had asked his teammate and Argentina international Sergio Romero to try and get him the shirt of the six-time Ballon d’Or winner.

However, the goalkeeper returned to the dressing room empty-handed as Messi refused to hand over his shit because he thought he was elbowed by McTominay in the course of the game.

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This left the 33-year-old with a bloody nose but it was a case of mistaken identity as it was former Man United center-back Chris Smalling that did the damage and not McTominay. The midfielder acted quickly and sent Romero back to the away dressing room to explain that he was not the culprit.

He eventually got the shirt as revealed by him: ‘Messi, 100 per cent. Yeah, Messi, Messi. I got his shirt, you know?

‘So, whenever we played against him for Barcelona [in 2019], Chris Smalling elbowed him and he’s got blood coming out of his nose. And he thought it was me. ‘Because I said to Sergio

Romero, “Please can you ask Messi to get his shirt?” ‘Sergio comes back in and said, “Oh, he thinks you were the one who elbowed him on the halfway line!”.

‘I said, “No, no, no, no – tell him it wasn’t me, so make sure I get that shirt because that’s going in my bedroom.” ‘So he knows it wasn’t me now. Sorry Chrissy, but he was the one who roughed him up a bit.’