Most Common Bets in Soccer

If you have decided to bet on soccer, you’ve noticed endless options. Soccer, the most popular sport, blends the game and betting into one enthralling experience. Betway offers the best odds and predictions to test your online sports betting skill.

Ultimately, it boils down to how well you can analyze the most common bets in soccer and the skill to back you. If you wonder what the most common bets in soccer are, you have come to the right place.

This post will explain the most common bets in soccer and the winning rubric. 

1. Money Line Bets

Money line or straight-up bets are the most straightforward and basic wagers. You simply pick a team you think will win. It can be the home (1) or away side (2); other times, a stalemate (x).

The bet means you predict a game-winner or a draw. If the game ends within the regulation time and your team wins or goes with your draw pick, you receive your payout.

Outright bets are not the most ideal. To increase earnings on money line bets, focus on the underdogs likely to upset the heavyweight teams and wager on them.

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2. Over and Under Goals Tally

The over/under market is the second most popular among soccer bettors. In the over/under market, you determine the total number of goals in the match and predict whether they will exceed the pick or nestle under the pick.

To put this into perspective, consider an Over 2.5 pick. It means the total goals should be three or 

more for you to win. Under 2.5 means the goals should be two or less.

3. Half-time Wagers

A typical football game is a 90-minute match with additional stoppage time. However, you do not have to see out the whole game – enter half-time bets. In a half-time market, some basic bets you pick are:

  • The number of goals by the 45-minute mark
  • The individual team goal tally
  • The team that wins in the first half

The half-time wagers incorporate most of the full-time bets but limit it to the first half. You can also wager on the same bets in the second half.

Another derivative of half-time wagers is a half-time full-time wager (HT/FT). If you predict 1/X, the home team will win in the first half, and the game will end in a draw. 1/1 means the home team will win the first half and the whole match.

4. Accumulator Bets

Accumulator bets or parlays combine multiple bets into one dependent bet. What we mean is choosing different odds that multiply your winnings as you increase the wager.

The significant con of accumulator bets is their high risk. Authentic Betway sites offer cash incentives to mitigate the risk if you come close to a win. Alternatively, you can cash out your winning mid-bet.

On the flip side, you have higher odds since each addition multiplies the initial pick. Say you have  

a 3.89 bet slip, adding a 2.46 selection will get the total odds to 9.57, and adding a 2.0 selection gets you to 19.1.

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5. Double Chance

Double chance is a low-risk, low-pay bet. In a double chance market, you predict two possible outcomes of a game. For example, if you choose 1 or X, if the home team wins or the game ends in a draw, you are in the green.

Similarly, X or 2 means the game could end with the away team victorious or a draw, and your call will pay. You can also choose 1 or 2 for either the home or away team to win.

The Takeaway

By now, you can make an informed decision on the type of bet to wager on. Our most common bets in soccer are easy to use across all Betway platforms. The practicality is not limited to your experience or in-depth knowledge of soccer. Deliberately pick your preferred option and gamble responsibly.