Jose Mourinho honored as Setubal road is named after him

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Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has received a special honor after a road in his native Portugal. The Portuguese manager attended a ceremony in his hometown of Setubal on Tuesday for the grand unveiling, as the former Rua da Saude road on the seafront was renamed as Avenida Jose Mourinho by the local authorities, in recognition of the achievements he has made in football.

Jose Mourinho went on to tell reporters about the immense pride and love he has for his town which is located on the Portuguese coast:

“If you ask me, if I’m grateful, excited and proud, yes of course I am. I say yes to everything,”

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“But I still want to come to Setubal and be who I am. I come to Setubal because I love Setubal. I have my mother and I feel closer to my father. I come to Setubal because my children have never lived here and love Setubal as much or more than I do.”

He added: “Setubal remains the only city where I feel like myself, where I feel [like] Ze Mario [his Portuguese nickname], where I walk on the street and people treat me like I like to be treated.”

His mother Maria Julia Santos joined him in the ceremony alongside Setubal mayor Maria das Dores Meira, who was full of praise for the United boss.

She referred to him as a ‘son of Setubal, a man of the world, a global personality’ and ‘one of those Setubalenses who fill us with pride because he is really special, has a special talent, has special love for their land’.

The mayor added: “Here, on Jose Mourinho Avenue, it is Setubal that lives and affirms itself. This is a tribute of a city and a county that want to perpetuate this special name [Mourinho] which today is one of the best-known arteries of the city.”

Setubal disclosed their intention to name the road after Mourinho back in 2013, in the course of the town’s 50th birthday


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