Neville – Mourinho must identify the troublemakers at Man United


According to Gary Neville, Manchester United is expected to offload up to four players this summer whilst making many additions, as Jose Mourinho is poised to do away with the supposed troublemakers in his team.

Manchester United are on course to end up as runners-up behind Manchester City, whilst in the race for FA cup triumph, although the Old Trafford outfit has not lived up to its billing in the 2017/18 Premier League campaign.

Inconsistency has been a major challenge for many of the title rivals with Man United not being exempted, as they gifted City the title last weekend, although they had halted the celebrations with a win at the Etihad on derby day.

However, Neville believes that the only solution to Man United’s inconsistency is to carry out another rebuilding process in the next transfer window, with Mourinho needing to sell those whose attitude has caused the club some good fortunes this season.

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Neville aired his opinion in an interview with Sky Sports after a shock 1 nil defeat to relegation ravaged West Brom at Old Trafford. “It was dismal, it was a dismal day.

“I suppose in some ways Manchester United stopped what would be this nightmare scenario last week of City winning the game at the Etihad in front of United’s fans. But it was an appalling performance.

“Jose Mourinho mentioned the words ‘inconsistency’ and ‘attitude’.

“That’s difficult to coach out of people if that’s the problems that are occurring – inconsistency and attitude.

“So he has to identify the issues that he has in that changing room and in that squad that are causing those inconsistencies and lack of attitude in these types of matches and deal with it at the end of the season.

“I think there will be three or four players leaving and the same number coming in.”

Neville also spoke on the challenges that Mourinho was likely to face as United manager entering into the new season: “I do agree with him, Manchester United didn’t lose the league [against West Brom], they lost it over a full season and Manchester City have been by far the best team and were always going to win it.

“He’s got to make that gap up and it’s going to be tough. Consistency is about mentality and the players fell well below that considering the last couple of weeks.”

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