Neville – Premier League season should be finished overseas

Gary Neville has suggested that the Premier League season should be completed overseas. Premier League clubs are meeting today for discussions on how to conclude the season, including the option to play in a few select neutral venues in the UK.

However, Neville has urged them to consider relocating to another European country that’s virtually coronavirus-free for the remaining 92 matches. The former Manchester United defender in a chat with Sky Sports said:

“If the Premier League were really serious about delivering the matches that remain in the safest environment, they would move it to one of the two or three spots that are within three or four hours of this country that are coronavirus-free, or virtually coronavirus-free.

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“They would take the Premier League over to that country — the players, the broadcasters, the media — and quarantine for a week before delivering it in an environment that has proven it can handle coronavirus.

“There are spots in Europe that have not got coronavirus at this time which could handle the League finishing. If they were serious about delivering it with a safe outcome, they could do that.”

Meanwhile, there are 17 European regions with less than 1,000 recorded coronavirus cases including Kosovo, Faroe Islands, Georgia, and Latvia.

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