Premier League confirms six positive COVID-19 cases across three clubs

The Premier League has recorded six positive cases of coronavirus amongst staff from three clubs after the first wave of tests were conducted within the top flight this week.

A Premier League statement read: ‘The Premier League can today confirm that, on Sunday 17 May and Monday 18 May, 748 players and club staff were tested for COVID-19.

‘Of these, six have tested positive from three clubs. Players or club staff who have tested positive will now self-isolate for a period of seven days.’

After the disclosure of the results, Premier League clubs can now get involved in group training sessions with individuals who have tested negative for COVID-19.

Each training session will be followed by the disinfection of cones, goalposts, corner flags, balls, amongst others while social distancing will be strictly enforced during the sessions.

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Although the number of positive cases and the number of clubs affected were disclosed, the names of the individuals and the clubs will be kept private by the Premier League.

It must be noted that the Premier League is collaborating with the global health company that has been working with the Bundesliga to carry out testing.

The test entails a swab and a nasal sample that only goes around a centimeter up the nostril. This is far less invasive in comparison to other testing methods being deployed worldwide.

The outcome of the positive results remains to be seen, as the same occurrence in Germany resulted in the isolation of the entire team and the cancellation of a game.

The League has been working towards measures to curtail positive tests for weeks and will not renege on their plan to return even if a player tests positive for the virus.

The return date has been set for June 11, and with full training set to commence, all we as fans can do is hope that no more positive tests occur.