Project Restart is being opposed but the Premier League should return

The Premier League’s Project Restart is underway and although fans of the game want to see their favorite stars and clubs in action, this may take time, or may not be the case this season. I hope this won’t be the case eventually.

Football fans around the world are keen to see those remaining cracking fixtures of the 2019/20 season. They want to see those derbies and watch how their clubs decimate opponents. They want to see and assess the consistency of those new January arrivals.

However, the return of the Premier League may take some time or may not materialize as it has been met with some major resistance.

Players are beginning to air their opinions on the supposed return while some clubs are not okay with the measures being put in place for the execution of the remaining games of the season.

Coronavirus is still a major challenge in England and although officials of the PFA are working to see that players do not feel like guinea pigs on the pitch, some players are not having that and have described the process as one that sees them being used as lab rats.

Chelsea star Willian recently stated in an interview that players are keen to return to action. However, they’re only willing to do so if it’s completely safe to return. The United Kingdom currently has over 240,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus with over 34,000 deaths on record.

Little wonder why the players are not keen to return to action just yet. The cancellation of the Scottish Premier League with Celtic handed the title is another event that’ll provide more food for thought for players, clubs, and football administrators in England.

The Premier League already has plans to return on June 12. However, some clubs had initially voiced their disapproval of playing games at neutral venues when the return is made.

Other stars in the Premier League like Manchester City’s Kun Aguero, Newcastle’s Danny Rose, and Watford’s Troy Deeney are all critical of the proposed return date.

Meanwhile, Watford boss Nigel Pearson has said that the Premier League may be underestimating the deadly virus and hoped against a fatality.

If the majority of the Premier League’s players are not keen to return to action as Willian disclosed, mainly because of the virus is yet to be totally contained, then it may not be a good idea to return to action.

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However, with the return of the Bundesliga last weekend and with all games being executed successfully, the Premier League should be encouraged or inspired to return with the same safety measures and more put in place.

As Steve Parish pointed out some weeks back, a cancellation of the Premier League due to the COVID-19 pandemic could see the league enter a legal tussle with clubs now and in the future and this is one development that’s not needed at this point in time.

Regardless, player safety is the priority, and should it be established that they can be wholly safe during games, then why not? The Premier League should by all means return. There are many things to lose if the league is ended abruptly like the Eredivisie and Ligue 1.

Therefore, I’d say that the Premier League should learn from the Bundesliga and put proper measures in place while the League’s players should also take a look at their Bundesliga counterparts and be motivated to return to action.

This will be a big plus for the most popular football league in the world that offers unending drama and entertainment. The Premier League can and should return.